What is NCC?

NCC is AITP's National Collegiate Competition. Students from all over the United States come together to compete in technical competitions. A full list of the events can be found on NCCs Website.

NCC Website - Competitions Listing & Practice Problems

So you’re ready to challenge yourself at a national level against teams from all over the country? Then this is the place to start! This page contains a recommended process to help you prepare for competition and make sure you have all yourbases covered. Make sure to review each page and feel free to use the comments section on each page to post clarifying questions. The AITP NCC Contest Team is ready to answer!

Step 1 - Pick your events

Review the contest Schedule to see what contest(s) you would like to compete in. There is no fee to enter a contest, and if you think you’re good enough, you may even try and compete in two contests at the same time! (It’s been done before, but contestants have a serious time disadvantage. Extra time is not alloted for attempting this!)

Step 2 - Review the General Rules

Make sure you understand the prizes and are aware of the need for tax forms to be filled out when you win!

Step 3 - Review the Eligibility Guidlines

This step is very important. Spend some time with your team and/or advisor to review these rules. Failure to adhere to them may get your team disqualified.

Step 4 - Review the BYOC Guidlines

Another important step! All of the contests that take place in the lab are Bring Your Own Computer. There are some restrictions as to what constitutes a workstation, so be sure your team is clear on the rules.

Step 5 - Review the Contest Pages

There is an individual contest page for each of the events listed on the schedule. Make sure your team visits the relevant pages and understands how each event you are participating in works. At the bottom of each page is a Resources section which contains past problem statements and winning submissions. Download those to see what has been done before.

Step 6 - Register for the Contests

Finally, visit the AITP NCC conference page to register for the conference and your competition events. You can register for contests on site – even as late as checkin to the labs. But it makes things go much smoother if you have done this ahead of time.

Step 7 - Practice!

If you’ve never competed at an AITP NCC event, you are not aware of the stresses and time constraints of developing a solution in such a short amount of time. Contest coordinators intentionally make the problem statements extremely difficult and often times they are developed in such a way that it may be near impossible to finish in four hours. Please realize that these events are not a “final exam.” They are meant to challenge teams beyond their current skill level to determine the top IT students in the nation. So take some time to run through some practice drills with your team/chapter. Perhaps you live near another school and could hold a pre-conference event to train with. The more you do this ahead of time, the bette prepared you will be in the conference lab.

And finally, good luck! We will see you in the lab!!

AITP NCC Contest Team