2017 AITP Officers

Jared Danielson

I am a junior this year at Missouri State, and I am double majoring is CIS and ITSM. This is my second year as an officer for AITP and I am extremely excited to have this year be not only a successful one, but a fun one. My main goal as president is to grow not only this organization’s name but also the people involved. I see so many benefits coming from AITP and I want as many people as possible to use it as a resource. I will graduate in May 2019 and am hoping to find a job that I love doing.

Nash Fritsche

I am a junior in Computer Information Systems and the Vice President for AITP this year. I will graduate in December 2018. I enjoy learning new things and love all things technology. I am looking forward to finding a job that allows me to continue to explore technology and expand my skills. In my spare time I enjoy watching movies, playing video games, running, and helping others.

Zach O'Connor

Hello, my name is Zach O'Connor. I am a senior this year at Missouri State, expecting to graduate May 2018. I work for Associated Electric as a programmer/application analyst. This is my first year as an officer in AITP, so I am very encouraged to see what I can do to further our organization as a whole. I enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities, as well as playing video games and watching movies.

Bradley Wyman

Hello, my name is Bradley Wyman. I’m a junior this year at Missouri State, and my major is Computer Information Systems and minors are Economics and Cyber Security. I currently work IT for my dad at his business, as well as other part time jobs. I chose CIS because I enjoy solving business problems with technology. I will graduate in May of 2018 and I hope to have job offer before I graduate.

Web Master
Nick Delamora

Hello, I am a Computer Science and Mathematics double major(finishing Spring 2018). I work for the College of Education in Computer Services as a programmer. I just got into the accelerated Master's of Natural and Applied Sciences program so I will spend the next couple of years at MSU. I joined AITP after having some Computer Science classmates that competed at NCC and recommended for me to try it. I enjoy creating web applications and I am excited about inheriting this one.

Membership Chair
John Rain

I am a senior at Missouri State and will be graduating in December with a Bachelor’s degree, majoring in ITSM and minoring in CIS. I am also in the accelerated MBA program and am working to complete that along with a CIS graduate certificate. I have been involved with IT projects (personal as well as professional) for as long as I can remember and am excited to see what new opportunities completing my degree will open up. Technology is truly my passion and I am excited about all of the opportunities that being involved with AITP provides.