2 Chemicals In Nail Gel And Acrylic: Side Effects and Their Explanation.

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Do you know the chemicals in nail gel and acrylic?. Yes, if we use it for too long then there will be side effects which will also damage our nails over time so we have to deal with it quickly.

Chemicals in nail gel and acrylic
Chemicals in nail gel and acrylic | mywedding.com

Here are some of the chemicals in nail gel and acrylic. Let’s see the explanation


Based on the results of tests conducted on 4,931 patients in 13 dermatology units spread across the UK and Ireland in 2017, the British Association of Dermatologists found that around 2.4% of women were allergic to methacrylate. This content is known to be one of the raw materials that are often found in acrylic and gel nail polish products. In addition to making nails brittle and loose, these chemicals can also cause rashes and itching on the skin. Worse, methacrylate has also sparked an epidemic in Europe, which has killed many women.

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As mentioned earlier, methacrylate can cause rashes and itching. Not only on the fingers, the British Association of Dermatologists also states that this reaction can also occur in all areas of the body. Based on research also found that this problem tends to occur more often when a woman applies nail polish at home or as an amateur. In extreme cases, it can even cause hand swelling and difficulty breathing.
dr. David Orton as Representative of the British Association of Dermatologists explained that allergies caused by methacrylate are quite difficult to detect. The reason is, the reaction is not only at the tips of the nails or hands, but also other areas of the body, including the genital organs.


In addition to methacrylate, there is also toluene; harmful chemicals that are often found in nail polish. This chemical acts as a solvent or thinner for nail polish that is used to sharpen the color. According to research, this substance can damage the nervous system, especially if used in the long term. In the short term, users can also feel some negative effects, ranging from eye irritation, dizziness, to forgetfulness. Although its use has been banned, there are still some nail polish manufacturers who still use this prohibited substance. Last August 2018, an Australian Youtuber named Tina Young uploaded a horrific video about the condition of her nails after years of gel manicures. Peering under a microscope, Tina discovers that her nails are badly damaged. In addition to being fragile, in the cuticle area there are also lots of piles of dead skin cells.

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“Usually, if you use regular nail polish, your nails won’t look like this when you remove them. They’ll still look smooth, even and you won’t see these little white spots. But when you apply gel, this is what happens. , said Tina. Also, using acetone in a fairly frequent intensity has exacerbated the condition of her yellowed nails. Given that some chemicals in nail polish and acrylic gel can trigger allergic reactions, Dr. David Orton advises women to get checked out, especially if it arrives. -a sudden rash appears on any part of the body after applying nail polish. It is also important to pay attention to the nail equipment (including nail polish) that will be used. Make sure all the products used are of safe standards. In addition, he also added that every salon owner should conduct special training for trainers to minimize the occurrence of things that are not desirable. There are occupational hazards enuine that must be mitigated,” he explained.

In line with what was stated by dr. David Orton, Deirdre Buckley as Consultant Dermatologist at Royal United Hospital Bath and president of the British Society of Cutaneous Allergy advise women to be careful when using gel nail kits. “If you do use it, make sure you use the UV lamp recommended for the curing process and read the instructions carefully. Using the wrong lamp can cause the gel paint to not cure properly and this increases the chance of allergies,” he explains.

Chemicals in nail gel and acrylic
Chemicals in nail gel and acrylic | instructables.com

That’s all an explanation of the chemical substances in nail gel and acrylic, I hope the information can be useful and can help, thank you for stopping by, stay beautiful and healthy.


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