4 Beauty Manicures That Millenials Would Loves

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Millennials was young generation that is known to love our beauty choices. Exactly why we enjoy all pamper sessions at the salon and especially them manicures. Good news there is no lack of manicure options offered today as salons provide a host of services to choose and pick from.

Here is listing some wonderfull manicures that the millennials today are loving.

Basic Manicure

For all you lazy-ass, a basic manicure is the way to go. All you receive is a standard nail makeover your nails are filed, shaped, your follicles are cleaned, you get fast hand massage, and finally you get your nails painted with the colour of your selection. Simple, and great if you’re pressed for time.


Spa manicure

A spa manicure treatment is a lot more than simply a regular manicure which explains why it is a hit with the millennials. This manicure lasts longer as it consists an aromatic salt scrub, an oil massage and a hydrating mask on the hands also around the nails.

The Brazzilian Manicure

The Brazillian manicure is concentrated on the cuticles and hence it includes removal of the cuticle to expose the nail bed. This is done utilizing a special Brazilian clipper. The polish is not just applied onto the nail, but also on the surrounding skin to make sure the edges are covered. The excess is later rubbed out.


3D Manicure

If you’re just way ahead of another manicures are a thing of the past for you; you have the 3D manicure to take your nail game to the next level. You begin by putting acrylic onto some fake nails and then painting them the colour of your choice, after this you stick them onto your natural nails and begin adding little accessories to make a beautiful design. If you’re feeling extra blingy, you can add some rhinestones onto your nails, or maybe choose for pearls or petals if you’re wanna looks more girly.

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