3 Easy Steps How to Choose Gentle Cleanser Based on Your Skin Type

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Why gentle cleanser?

There are many types of facial cleansers that are sold in the market, but finding a good facial cleanser that is suitable for facial skin is not easy. If you choose the wrong one, the existing skin is easy to experience problems such as acne, dryness, and others.

To avoid the possibility of not being suitable for the skin, one way you can do is look for facial cleansing products with gentle ingredients and according to your skin type.

3 Easy Steps How to Choose Gentle Cleanser Based on Your Skin Type
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Here we will show you how to choose gentle cleanser based on your skin type

  1. Oily Skin Type
    If you have oily skin, avoid facial cleansers that contain essential oils because they will make your face even more oily. Using essential oils can make your face sticky and uncomfortable. In some cases, its use can cause clogged pores and cause blackheads.

To overcome this, you can choose a gentle cleanser that contains rice extract or a microbeads formula that is able to absorb oil optimally. These two ingredients also keep the face moist, so it won’t give a tight and dry effect after using it.

  1. Dry Skin Type
    How to choose a cleanser if I have dry skin? For you who have dry skin types, you must often experience a face that looks dull and even peeling. If you choose the wrong facial cleanser, your skin can become drier and feel uncomfortable. Well, you can try using a cleanser that contains rose oil or avocado to moisturize and hydrate facial skin.

Both ingredients will hydrate the skin while removing dirt. This is because avocado contains biotin which is part of the vitamin B complex, and rose oil contains vitamin A. Don’t forget to use a moisturizer too after washing your face.

  1. Sensitive or Combination Skin Type
    For you who have sensitive or combination skin with some dry skin and other parts oily, you should choose a gentle facial cleanser.

Sensitive skin types tend to react to external factors, including skin care. Signs of sensitive skin can include burning, stinging, and redness.

Meanwhile, combination skin is usually characterized by dull skin problems, rough texture in places and enlarged pores, blackheads, and the presence of excess oil in several places (especially in the T-zone, which is around the nose, chin and forehead).

Look for a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and soap-free gentle cleanser that won’t irritate your sensitive skin.

Usually, water-based facial cleansers, such as micellar water, are the best choice for those with sensitive or combination skin.

Finding and choosing the right facial cleanser and suitable for your skin is not an easy thing, you need to adjust it to your skin type and condition, as well as the desired results. In addition, you may also need to try several times until you can find a facial cleanser that suits your skin.

If you find it difficult to choose a gentle cleanser that suits your skin, it’s a good idea to consult a dermatologist. Choosing a gentle cleanser that is suitable for your skin can keep your skin from developing skin problems such as acne, allergies, contact dermatitis, atopic eczema, and others.


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