3 Manicure Processes That You Should Know

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3 manicure processess that you should know
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Manicure has certainly become a familiar thing for women. Manicure is one type of treatment that is useful for beautifying the nails on your hands, whether it will be cut, shaped, and colored. Then why do we need to do a manicure? Of course, because our nails must be cared for in such a way to stay healthy and well nourished.

However, many of you do not really understand how the manicure process itself. Now let’s break it down one by one.

1. Nails Cutting

For this first process, you are free to decide how long you want your nails to look. Once you decide to cut it short or cut it in half, you can tell the manicurist. This process will take a little while, as this is the defining step for your next nail shape.

2. Nail Filling and Shapping

Continuing from the previous process, this second process is completely according to your wishes. The manicurist will give you an opinion regarding the nail shapes that are certainly considered the most suitable for your nails, then you are free to choose which one you like. However, by default, most women like round or square shapes.

3. Nail Painting

This last process will be the most pleasant process in the manicure. Because here, you can be creative with the color and nail pattern you want. The manicurist will give you a lot of advice, you are also free to ask for his opinion. However, this process does go through many complicated steps, as polishing nails is quite difficult. It takes patience, thoroughness, and caution in doing it in order to get a perfect final result. Usually the manicurist will smear the base first before piling it with a color combination from nail polish.

It turns out that the manicure process is not as easy as it seems, right? If you are interested in doing a manicure, of course, you must also be prepared for the possible side effects, such as brittleness. So, make sure you’ve really made up your mind about the nail model and nail color you want so you won’t be disappointed in the end.


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