3 Manicure Risks That You Never Thought Of

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3 Manicure Risks That You Never Thought Of
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Every woman wants to have beautiful nails. For that, they compete to beautify their nails by doing manicure and nail polish. They do not even hesitate to go to many manicurists and apply various types of nail products, when in fact it can have a bad impact on the health of their nails. However, not many know that if we polish our nails too often with chemicals like that, there will be many manicure risks that come with it.

Therefore, you need to consider these 3 manicure risks that you never thought of and may affect your nails as well.

1. Nail Thinning

Your nails tend to thin out if they are too often contaminated with nail polishing products. Why is that? Because when removing nail polish, acetone which contains acrylic, if you use it excessively, it can cause your nails to break.

2. Wrinkles

Apart from the disadvantages of using acetone, you may also experience brown spots and wrinkles while doing the drying process. For that, you are advised to always apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 to avoid your skin from UV, which is one part of the drying process.

3. Dry Nails

Dry nails occur when your nails are exposed with to too much alcohol. Of course, the manicure process is closely related to alcohol, for that you are advised not to change the color and pattern of your nails too often so that not much alcohol is exposed on your nails.

To get nails that are not only beautiful, but also healthy, you really need to pay more attention to the risks while you are doing a manicure that you never even thought would be fatal in the future. So, always pay attention to the health of your nails first before polishing them with various kinds of nail polish, yes.


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