3 Reasons Why Cat Nails Need Trimming. You Must Know !!

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Why do cat nails need to be trimmed?, many people underestimate this. Did you know, this one pet still maintains its natural instinct as a predator. Not only sharp teeth and quick reflexes, sharp nails often leave sores on the skin to scratch marks on furniture. To make your own grooming intention stronger, take a peek at the reasons behind the importance of trimming your favorite cat’s nails.

Why Cat Nails Need Trimming?
Why Cat Nails Need Trimming? | paw tracks.com

This is why we should trim cat nails.

Cause a lot of damage

Cats use their claws to hunt and climb trees, as well as scratching certain areas to mark their territory. When they sharpen their claws, cats release pheromones, or distinctive scents, to leave traces all around them, including your furniture.

Using a claw pole can be an alternative when your cat spends a lot of time indoors. But there’s nothing wrong with trimming his nails if the cat tends to sharpen his claws on the sofa or your favorite furniture.

Prevents infection in cats

Cat nails grow in a shell-like layer. When the nails are sharpened, they will naturally release the older shell. Sometimes cats have trouble removing their shells and cause their nails to grow inwards. Not only does this make the cat feel pain, but this can

also trigger a more severe infection. Most of these cases occur as the cat ages and becomes less active.

Prevent disease in humans

Not only will it protect your furniture, trimming your cat’s nails can prevent your skin from getting scratched. Besides being painful, this wound is also at risk of being infected with the Bartonella henselae bacteria and causing Cat Scratch Disease.

After being bitten or scratched by a cat’s nails, within a few days a lump will appear around the wound. If treatment is delayed, it will be followed by other symptoms such as headaches, joint pain, weakness, lack of appetite to flu-like signs that last for several weeks. And that why do cat Nails Trimm

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