3 Simple Make Up Looks for Kids That Suitable For Them

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3 Simple Make Up Looks for Kids That Suitable with Their Ages
source: pexels.com/mikhailnilov

Kids are sometimes too curious when they see adults busy with this and that makeup, using a lot of skincare, from morning to night. So, in order to kill their curiosity, actually it doesn’t matter if we just teach them how to apply makeup, of course, by adjusting their age and using cosmetics that are safe for them.

Here are 3 simple make up looks for kids that are suitable with their ages that we have outlined for you.

1. Gold Haze

This makeup look prioritizes the characteristics of smokey eyes, but it still looks very natural because it only relies on dark colors like brown and black. The key to this look is to always blend each color override, then polish it up a bit with an additional gold color to make it look shining, shimmering, and splendid. For kids, of course, this makeup is not excessive. Children can wear it when there is a family event or a formal event from school.

2. Pink Pop

A level higher than Gold Haze, Pink Pop is indeed more bold makeup because it emphasizes the pink color for the cheeks and eye circles. You can also add glitter accents to make it look shinier. Kids will definitely like it because colors like this are definitely their favorite color.

3. Vacay Vibes

As the name implies, this makeup is suitable for summer vacations. Even if exposed to the sun, the makeup will not fade instantly. For kids, this is the most convenient makeup because there are not many types of cosmetics that need to be used. Because it’s simple, you only need to put sunscreen, lip tint, powder, and a little eyeshadow.

As mentioned above, these 3 simple make up looks for kids can hopefully be a reference idea for you.


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