3 Skincare Trends That Might Be Popular in 2022

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3 Skincare Trends That Might Be Popular in 2022
source: pexels.com/karolinagrabowska

Only three months into 2022, we have found many popular trends. However, what about skincare trends? Of course, there are many skincare products that promise perfect quality from various brands, some of which are already known worldwide, and some of which are new to us. So, are you curious to know what are the skincare trends that many people are talking about this year?

Here we have listed 3 skincare trends that might be popular in 2022, who knows you might try them later.

1. Water Skincare

Global warming has become a familiar thing for us. So in order to realize the success of this campaign, many skincare brands are competing to create products with water based to protect our environment. In the future, there will be more skincare that can work well in hot water or cold water, also with environmentally friendly packaging.

2. Body Skincare

In the future, everyone will not only prioritize skincare for their face, but also for their entire body, starting from their hands to their feet, even in their intimate areas. Because in their current mindset, the condition of their facial skin and the condition of their body skin is actually no different. So there will be many brands that create skincare to address skin problems on the back or thighs, such as redness or irritation.

Light Ingredients

According to the experience of previous years, many consumers feel that the effects of too much and too heavy chemical ingredients actually make their skin more sensitive. So this year, many skin experts have researched that skincare products with light ingredients can also solve skin problems in a short period of time. This triggers competition from many skincare brands to release their simple and natural products to the public, making the product an environmentally friendly and has no side effects.


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