3 Steps Basic Skin Care Routine for Beginners

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basic skin care for beginners
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You may think that to have a skin care routine is such a hassle and need a lot of money. But actually, skin care doesn’t have to be complicated as there are basic steps. This basic skin care routine consists of three steps: cleansing, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen for protection.

These steps are perfect for you those are still beginners and new to skin care routine.


First basic skin care you need to do as beginners is to cleanse your face and skin. Cleaning your face after daily activities seems usual to do. But there is double cleansing method you can do for more effective result. You will use cleansing oil or cleansing gel to remove your make up, then use water-based cleanser, such as facial foam.

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Cleansing oil will take pollution, dirt, and sebum out of your face and make facial foam works better on your skin. This method also can give your skin chances to revitalize and allow other products to work even better.


Healthy skin are skins that are always moisturized. It’s important to insert moisturizer as your basic skin care routine.

For the best result, you need to use moisturizer every day and night. Use lighter moisturizer on day so your it can easily absorb and prevent your make up from pilling. It is also recommended to use non-fragrance products because additive sometimes can affect your skin’s condition. We have suitable moisturizers for you to check out here.

Sunscreen for protection

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Never forget sunscreen. It is very important to protect your skin from UV A and UV B. Sunscreen should be always on your lists to start your basic skin care routine. Higher SPF (Sun Protection Factor) measures how long it will protect your skin from UV rays.

There are two types of sunscreens you can choose to use: physical sunscreens and chemical sunscreens. Chemical sunscreens usually have smaller molecules and are often thinner, so you don’t have to use as much to protect your skin. However, it can be a little irritating to those who have sensitive skin. Confused? Try to look at our sunscreen recommendations.

So those are three basic skin care routines for beginners to follow. Isn’t it easy? Other than that, patience and consistence also can be the keys for your best skin. Don’t hesitate and start your routine today!


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