3 Stiletto Red Nails For Hot And Sexy Looks

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Stiletto nails themselves refer to the type of nails that are pointed and quite long than usual, stiletto nails are quite popular among celebrities and artists who want to display a glamorous and fashionable appearance.

Source: Picturesthemagic.com

As we know, red color in nail art is quite popular among women all over the world, and how does red affect stiletto nails? Of course it will make you look more sexy and hot. Red color also should be combined with various other colors and accessories, red will not create too much contrast with other color.
Red nail stilettos are perfect for a festive evening party or an important and memorable formal event.
Here are the types of Stiletto red nails that you can use:

1. White Splash Red

Source : Newexpressionnails.com

Use red on the base and black on the tips of the nails, when it’s stiff enough then add a white splash on top. We sure putting white over black red would make a beautiful combination of stiletto red nails. Even though this simple looks but it is very suitable for you who like an elegant impression.

2. Pink Red Flowers

Source : Toptrendsguide.com

These Stiletto red nails feature a beautiful floral motif for your girlie impression. The combination of pink and red makes it look soft and hot at the same time. Choose a design of flower that is very beautiful and detailed to have a fresh impression.

3. Crystall Red

Source : Glaminati.com

Look at the shiny crystal above your fingernails, how majestic it looks. Don’t hesitate to adding some beautiful crystals to get a queen look. sparkling crystall and red color will increase your confidence in a place with a light

Interested in putting on Stiletto red nails as a complement to your sexy look? We hope that your nails will be as stunning as your personality.


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