3 Top Secrets of Jeffree Star’s Skincare Routine For You

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top 3 secrets of jeffree star's skincare routine

Skincare Routine That Jeffree Star Usually Do

The name of a Jeffree Star is already worldwide. No one does not know Jeffree, who has dedicated himself to the world of beauty and make-up. His YouTube channel has even been subscribed to by tens of millions of people, further proving that his presence is worthy of reckoning. Jeffree has given a lot of information about beauty, facial care, and even makeup tips and tricks. However, the way he does his skincare routine is not widely known by people. So, below we have summarized Jeffree Star’s skincare routine steps, which you can apply every day.

1. He never uses cleanser

It tends to be unexpected, it turns out that Jeffree is the most anti-use of all kinds of soap for his facial skin. It refers to his reluctance to add serious problems to his skin, so he is better off avoiding using the soap.

2. He only relies on highlighter and lipstick

According to Jeffree, to have a flawless face, he doesn’t need to overuse make-up products other than highlighter and lipstick. For her, those two things were more than enough to make her face look like she was wearing make up, glowing, and glamorous.

3. Moisturizer and Sunscreen are mandatory

Jeffree always likes the look of light makeup, so he always applies the best foundation before decorating his own face. According to him, moisturizer can help the skin stay moist, so that the makeup that sticks will last a long time. Then, the presence of sunscreen also helps the make up not to fade even when exposed to the sun.

So, those are some short skincare routines from Jeffree, which maybe you can use as guidelines to keep your facial skin healthy. Don’t forget to follow Jeffree Star’s Youtube channel for more tips and tricks.


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