3 Types Fashion On The Street that Inspire the World

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Have you heard of Fashion on the street? Summarized from several sources, fashion of the street is a fashion style that is inspired by unique fashion style in the street. As you know, sometimes people wear unique fashion according to their own comfort and personality, that’s what inspired some fashion activists who later came up with the idea of fashion street, which fashion is not done in shows or luxury buildings, but on the streets with a atmosphere cool, familiar environment but with distinctive characters and ideas.

Here are some types of street fashion that you can see and even try:

1. Hip-hop

Hiphop fashion on the street is famous after becoming a trend among Africa-America along with music trends that have also popular in the world, so many celebrities and the fashion industry are expanding their collections for the sake of hip-hop’s cool look to look like the street style that is commonly found in Africa-America.

Source : Pexels/ Godisale Jacob

2. Harajuku fashion street style

Since ancient times, Harajuku fashion has been known as the center of world fashion trends, as well as the world of street fashion today. appearance that refers to the typical anime style, and the unique character makes harajuku a fashion on the street style that is still admired.

3. london street fashion

In fact, we often find cool Instagram photos from London fashion on the street residents, where when they go to work or hangout, they are good at wearing elegant-looking fashion. london fashion on the streets is the center of cool people who can be found on the street. Sometimes a combination of a shirt covered with a coat, simple and elegant shirt or pants, as well as wearing extras such as a scarf or bandana and using boots as footwear is also a fashion on the street London craze in dressing.

Source : Pexels/ Natalia Vitkevich

After knowing several sources of fashion on the street, how about your style on the street? Are you ready to create your own style to amaze people on the street with your confidence.


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