3 Types of Glass Nails That Make You Look Stunning

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3 Types of Glass Nails That Make You Look Stunning
source: pexels.com/SuzyHazelwood

With so many choices of nail trends, you must be confused about which one is the most suitable and which is the most beautiful in your opinion. However, have you ever heard of glass nails? Yes, the glass nail trend did come from Korea and we can’t deny the influence of style from there. Glass nails are a type of nail display that emphasizes a mirror-like holographic appearance so that it appears transparent. Glass nails not only consist of one type, but there are many types that show different patterns and colors from each application.

So instead of being confused, we will help you to choose these three types of glass nails.

1. Holographic Glass Nails

As the name implies, holographic means displaying something like a hologram. Dominated by silver and diamond patterns, usually this type will reflect bright light. You can wear it for formal events.

2. Blue Glass Nails

Blue Glass Nail is the type that emphasizes the blue color above the other colors. In this type, there are many choices of blue that are commonly used, such as light blue, dark blue, or metallic blue. Then, on top of the blue base, it is overwritten with a pattern similar to a small silver or gold parallelogram, giving rise to a luxurious impression.

3. Milky Glass Nails

This type is composed of gold color that looks glossy. In addition, the addition of holographic foils also gives an elegant and powerful impression on your nails, making them look bright, shining and luxurious at the same time.

Above are three choices of the best types of glass nail trends that you might try alternately. However, before deciding to try it, it’s a good idea to consult your manicurist first so that you get the perfect final result and don’t end up disappointed.


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