4 Basic Skin Care Routine, The Best for Teenagers

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It is a common thing for teenagers to always have problems with their skin. Sometimes, teenagers are often confused about how to deal with their skin problems such as acne, large pores, and blackheads. Therefore, we have listed the right steps to overcome those skin problems for teenagers.

Basic Skin Care Routine, 4 Best Steps for Teenagers
Teenagers Makeup Illustration | From Pexels/monstera

Basic Skin care Routine For Teenagers

Then, make sure you follow these basic skin care routine steps to get healthy teenage skin.

  • Don’t Share Your Make Up

It is better if as much as possible we could avoid using make up together, whether with our friends or even our family. Why? Because make up is a private property which if used together, it will cause other skin problems since the skin condition of one person is different from another. Therefore, you should use your own make up no matter what condition it is.

  • Double Cleansing Your Face

For beginners, make it a habit to choose a face wash that is light and suitable for your skin, whether it’s oily skin, dry skin, or normal skin, it still has to be adjusted. Clean your face at least twice a day depending on the condition. It can be after waking up and when going to bed, but the most important thing is to always clean your face after using make-up.

Teenagers Skincare Illustrations | from Pexels/cottonbro
  • Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

Exfoliate is usually often forgotten as one of the facial treatments. Whereas exfoliate is an important role in nourishing our skin. Even so, too often exfoliate is also not good. So make sure to exfoliate your face only twice a week and remember, don’t rub your skin too hard.

  • Always Keep Your Hands Clean          

It will be useless if we have implemented all the methods above, but our hands are not kept clean. Because if you don’t wash your hands before touching your face, there will be a lot of germs and bacteria that can certainly damage the condition of your facial skin. So, don’t forget to always make sure your hands are clean before actually touching or applying any product to your face.

Hopefully, those basic skin care routine steps could help you to overcome your skin problems, especially for your face skin that always sensitive for every teenager.


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