4 Beauty Hacks That is Actually Dangerous

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Beauty hacks are one of the shortcuts by using what is around us to be used as skin beauty products. People often rely on this because the cost is considered more affordable and also more practical.

However, it turns out that many beauty hacks are actually dangerous and can damage the skin.

But as how practical they might be, these 4 beauty hacks are dangerous, you know. Especially for your skin health.

  • Using Toothpaste for Acne
Dental. Toothbrush with a toothpaste

This one beauty hack must have been heard a lot. Although it can dry out pimples and fade scars quickly, toothpaste contains sodium lauryl sulfate and baking soda which can irritate the face and cause allergic reactions. Most toothpastes also contain bleach, which can cause a burning reaction on the face. If you are down to this hack, better stop ASAP.

  • Raw Eggs for Blackheads
Raw eggs have salmonella bacteria | from freepik.com

Raw eggs contain salmonella bacteria. If it used as a blackhead-removing mask, these bacteria can absorb by the skin through open pores or perhaps an unnoticed wound and cause an infection in the skin. In addition, if accidentally eaten it will also cause symptoms of poisoning such as diarrhea, fever, etc. Not just for your skin, this beauty hacks apparently is dangerous for your health, too.

  • Deodorants as Primers for Oily Skin
Deodorants used for armpits | from pexels.com

Deodorants contain aluminum which prevents bacteria from causing strong odors and perfumes. For some people, deodorant used on the armpits alone can be inappropriate and cause irritation, what if applied to the face? Of course this is dangerous because the aluminum materials and fragrance itself can cause irritation, allergic reactions, and inflamed acne.

  • Hair Spray as Setting Spray for Make Up
Attractive woman spraying hairspray isolated on a white background

Some time ago, this beauty hack went viral on TikTok. Experts say that hair spray that is used as a setting spray for makeup is very dangerous. Hair spray contains a lot of alcohol which can dry out instantly. This can cause the face to be very dry, cause acne, to an extraordinary allergic reaction.

Have you done any of four beauty hacks above? Well, let’s not do that again and do research on materials and ingredients used as shortcut for our beauty products. Don’t worry, there still are beauty hacks that are not dangerous for your skin, guys. Your skin matters!


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