4 Important Steps Skin Care Routine Before Workout

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Is Applying Skin Care Routine Before Workout Important?

We all know that working out sometimes can be addictive and we want to do it right after we go out of bed. But, we need to feel the same about doing skin care, Folks. The excitement! Is number one! Skin care is just as important as workout, since what we’re aiming for is to be healthy.

Applying skincare can help your skin clean form dust and various other skin problems. When exercising, don’t just pay attention to the condition of the body, but also pay attention to the condition of the skin.

Wotkout | Pexels/Victor Freitas

Summarizing fitness websites around the world, here is the list of skincare you need to put before your precious workout!

  1. Face Wash
    The first skin care routine step is face wash. It’s a must to clean our face to avoid acnes and blackheads appearing due to dirt and dust that clogged pores. Refreshing face wash will make you feel more motivated to run!
  2. Toner
    Not the exfoliating one, it is better to use hydrating toner. Apply toner on cotton pads and pat your face softly. This skin care routine step will make your skin away from dehydrating.
  3. Sunscreen
    Who says we are safe from UV rays in the gym? UV rays are everywhere, even indoor! So it is always important to protect our skin by applying sunscreen. SPF 30++ will work better as our protector.
  4. Face Mist
    Worried about how dusty and smelly you will be after workout? Face mist will prevent that! When you do this step of skin care routine before workout, you will still feel freshened even after a lot of sweats.
4 Important Steps Skin Care Routine Before Workout
Apply Skin Care Routine Before Workout | Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

So those are various skincare you can and need to apply before you start workout. If you haven’t tried them yet, try today, right now and feel the differences. No longer clogged pores, no acne. Healthy skin, healthy body, happy you!


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