4 Types of Healthy Hair, How to Take Care, and The Benefits

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What is Healthy Hair?

4 Types of Healthy Hair, How to Take Care, and The Benefits
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Every woman wants thick and shiny hair. Especially if you have long with curly or wavy types. Most women complain because their long hair is unruly, tangled, split ends, dandruff, hair loss, and many other serious problems. You must get annoyed every time your hair doesn’t look the way you want it to, though you need to go somewhere with your friends or family. Indeed, every hair has its own problems and one person with another must have different problems.

So, what does healthy hair exactly mean? A healthy hair could be said actually depends on the preferences of each person. There are many preferences regarding this, but actually, healthy hair is that does not experience too much damaged, such as oily hair, brittle hair, damp hair, hair air dry, and hair loss. In conclusion, healthy hair is hair that has good hair growth so that it can become thicker hair and silky hair.

What are the types of hair?

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Whatever your hair type, actually all hair is beautiful. So, don’t be discouraged if your current hair looks unattractive, because you just need to take care of it in such a way. In order to find the best hair care to solve all the problems, it’s better if you know your hair type first.

1. Straight Hair

For those of you who have straight hair, it seems you really have to be grateful. Because as we know, it is much easier to manage no matter how long it is. But some experts say that straight hair is more prone to oily hair and sometimes hair air dry, so you should really take care of yours to avoid this kind of problem.

2. Wavy Hair

Wavy hair always looks attractive, because there is volume that makes it look more nourished. However, wavy hair is not that simple. This hair type is further divided into three types to categorize its shape.

-Type 2A

This type has a half straight and half wavy shape. At the top, your hair will look straight, but at the bottom your hair will look wavy.

-Type 2B

Almost the same as type 2A, type 2B is a type of hair that looks not completely wavy or you can call it S-shaped curls. You don’t need that much of styling tools to style your hair.

-Type 2C

This type is the most obvious type of wave hair because its shape resembles the letter S, but looks thicker and has more volume. Unfortunately, this type includes easily tangled when the weather is humid.

3. Curly Hair

Curly hair is unique. Basically, you can make your own curly hair using hot rollers. The following are the types of curly hair, which one is yours?

-Type 3A

This type is the type of curly hair that is easiest to style because it tends to be looser.

-Type 3B

This type is a type of curly hair that combines small curls so that the hair can be in a spiral shape.

-Type 3C

The 3C curly hair type is a type that is not soft, aka a tight type, the texture is also more supple than the two types above, although this type is more likely to tangle when combed excessively.

4. Coils Hair

This type of hair is half easy to manage and half hard to manage. However, because the texture is different for each person, you can find out which type of coily hair is yours based on the three types below.

-Type 4A

This type is the smoothest hair type so you need high humidity to always take good care of it. In addition, the shape of this hair type resembles a roll of the letter S that can be wrapped using chopsticks, so it means that this hair texture is very soft.

-Type 4B

This 4B type is the most popular coily hair type because the curls look very prominent, even though the curls are like a zigzag shape. Many people tend to use a heat styling to make their coily hair look better.

-Type 4C

If you are not careful in treating your hair with this type, then your hair will instantly become brittle and break. The shape of this type of hair is almost like the sun because it looks round and intact. But, don’t worry, you can absolutely do a hair trimmed if you want to style this type better.

How to Maintain Healthy Hair?

If you have a bad hair day, your mood must be suddenly gloomy. Even though you wash your hair, you still experience tangles and hair breakage. However, if you don’t want to have trouble taking care of your hair, you can find some tips for healthy hair using natural products that appeared around you.

1. Shampoo and Conditioner

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To get hair strands with a natural texture or to treating dandruff, you certainly need to choose the right shampoo and conditioner. If you have been experiencing dry scalp, then you should choose mild shampoo or sulfate free shampoo instead of dry shampoo. Then, for conditioner, make sure you choose a deep conditioner that matches the herbal content so that it will affect how long and how good your hair is. It definitely helps to reduce your damaged hair.

2. Hair Masks

To get healthier hair, especially if you have a wet hair, you certainly need to apply a hair mask regularly. How to use it, is not difficult. After applying half a cup of hair mask cream with gently pat to your follicles hair, you just need to wrap your hair in a shower cap and leave it for half an hour, this step would make your hair soft. After that, you can do the final rinse with hot water or cold water. However, choose a hair mask product that contains vitamin C and does not contain harsh chemicals for perfect results.

3. Natural Ingredients

In hunting for the best products to support your hair growth, you certainly need to pay attention to the ingredients in each product, right? Especially if you experience hair damage after doing hair dye or using a curling iron and hair dryer too often, of course there will be a difference in treating ordinary hair with color treated hair. So, you can look for healthy hair tips and hair care products that contain extra virgin coconut oil, aloevera, argan oil, almond oil, olive oil, even baking soda, and others, because those natural oils may give you a great hair.

4. Balanced Diet

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In order to have healthy hair, you are not only have to nourish it from the outside, but you also need to nourish it from the inside as well. Then, you need to apply one of these tips for healthy hair, it is a diet. However, the most important thing is to pay attention to the amount of food you eat. Regarding the type, maybe you can detox your body by drinking lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, eating egg yolk and plain yogurt, apart from detoxing, these food are believed to improve your blood flow. However, whatever it is, you still have to pay attention to a diet rich in nutrients to nourish your body as well as your hair.

What is Hair Care?

Talking about hair treatment, some people definitely feel that doing hair care is necessary, but there are others who feel that doing hair care actually wastes their time. However, actually, hair treatment is very necessary, especially for those of you whose hair has experienced coloring or smoothing. Hair treatment itself means things or steps that need to be taken to maintain or protect your hair from damage.

Hair treatment itself is divided into two types, there are in bath treatment and out bath treatment. In bath is a hair treatment that is done after shampooing or when the hair is still wet. On the other hand, the out bath is applied before shampooing, when the hair is still dry. Each of them certainly has a different portion and use depending on the type of hair you have.

What are Products that Use for Hair Care?

1. Shampoo

Shampoo is used to remove dirt and sweat from your hair, also to improve the flow of your hair air. With regular use, shampoo can also treat common hair problems, such as dandruff and hair loss. In addition to the high human need for shampoo, of course there are various kinds of shampoos offered and you can choose according to your hair type. Make sure you also pay attention to the ingredients in it, because there are some shampoo products that contain negative compounds that can trigger allergies.

2. Conditioner

Using conditioner is just as important as using shampoo. It is an essential hair product to make your hair soft. You can use it after shampooing, leave in conditioner, apply only to the strands of your hair and don’t touch the base of your hair, because it can cause damage to your hair. However, conditioner turns out to consist of ingredients that are harder than shampoo so you are not advised to use it on the scalp.

3. Hair Mask

The third step you can do to get healthier hair is to apply the final mask after shampooing. After you dry your hair, with microfiber towel, you can apply hair mask cream on your strands. If you want to use natural products, you can find ingredients from around you and mix them yourself. Basically, hair masks are made of something sticky like oil and butter so that they can be absorbed into the hair scalp. So, it is very helpful for those who have dry hair and who experienced too much heat styling.

4. Hair Oil

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Unlike the two products above, which can be used after shampooing, you can use hair oil before shampooing. However, you only need to use it once and not repeatedly, because excessive use can cause other hair problems. You can make your own version of hair oil, by utilizing natural oils around you such as aloe vera, coconut, sesame, argan, or almond. The purpose of using this hair oil is to keep your hair shiny. In addition, hair oil can also nourish your hair by meeting the needs of vitamins and minerals to your hair.

5. Hair Serum

Don’t worry if your hair is often exposed to the sun and polluted on the streets, because you can rely on hair serum to repair any hair damage you experience. Hair serum is a liquid compound with a low pH, so it is claimed to be able to overcome the problem of hair loss and soften the texture of your hair. How to use it, is not difficult, you only need to apply a few drops of this product to a few strands of your hair, then you can use your fingers to squeeze it slowly.

6. Hair Spray

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So far, we only use hair spray on our hair without knowing that hair spray is actually divided into two, namely heat protection spray and regular hair spray. The function of hair spray itself is to make it easier for your hair to be styled and as we know that the use of a hair dryer and straightener is not good when in frequent contact with our hair, so this type of hair spray is to protect your hair from the effects and impacts that may be caused by the heat from these two things. In addition, if you are having a formal event that requires your hair to be braided or be bunned, you can use regular hair spray to make it easier for you when styling each strand of your hair while maintaining the shape of the hairdo that you have applied.

7. Hair Gel

In fact, this product is more familiar to men. There are several types of hair gel, such as pomade, wax, and mousse, of course all three types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hair gel itself is almost similar to hair spray, which is both to make it easier for you to style your hair and the difference is in the texture of the product itself. If hair spray appears in the form of a gas, then hair gel appears in the form of a cream. Using hair gel is also quite easy, you just need to apply it to your hair, then style your hair the way you want, then comb it slowly so it will not affect the previous hair style.

What is Side Effects of Hair Care?

In addition to providing many benefits, hair products also have side effects if you are not careful in the terms and conditions that you may face after the usage. Because you can experience losses such as allergies. So, it’s best if you do the experiment for the first three days to make sure you’re fit and there’s no allergic reaction. Before that, you also need to pay close attention to the ingredients contained in a product, if you feel that there are too many chemicals that have the potential to damage your hair, you should not buy that product.

What are Recommended Hair Treatment Products?

1. L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil – Gold

This product is an out bath treatment because you can use it only takes three to four drops before shampooing. The function of this product is as promised, namely to maintain the shine, keep a scalp health, and provide comprehensive protection. This hair oil from L’Oreal is very easy to find because it is available in various marketplaces. In addition, this product also contains natural ingredients from six flower extracts which are guaranteed to nourish your hair.

2. Lucido-L Triple Beauty Vitamin Oil

In addition to applying various kinds of products to treat hair, of course we also need vitamins so that our hair can be properly nourished. Lucido-L comes with their product in the form of vitamin oil and is claimed to be able to overcome your dry hair. In addition, this product is a best seller product from Lucido-L that emphasizes the triple vitamin content such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E which are combined into a hair oil product. In addition to dealing with dry hair, this hair oil can also help keep your hair moist and ensure it doesn’t tangle.


In conclusion, to get healthy hair or make your hair look healthier, you do need to use a lot of hair care products to solve your hair problems or even just to treat your hair. However, besides that, you still have to pay attention to the content of these products and match them with what is promised. Don’t let your desire for healthy hair end up damaging your own hair by choosing the wrong product.


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