4 Valentine’s Day Nail Colour Ideas Will Make You In Love

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Valentine’s Day is means to celebrate the special day about love, then you need to preparing your dating with your beauty look. While putting together a romantic pink eye makeup look or full face of glam looks so usual, festive nails make it easy to show your spirit for the day.

We can’t think of a vacation more worthy of having a plethora of heart eye-inspiring nail art ideas to choose from. Besides from decorating your nails with a festive shade of polish, there are lots of ways to get fancy with your Valentine nail styles, so you can display something chic during your celebration.


We’ve assembled the best of the best and are sharing 12 Valentine’s Day nails you’re sure to love.


Why not switch it up Red roses nail colour for this year? Let your love bring the crimson bouquet while you rock gold, silver, yellow or white roses on your nail colour. If you choose for white roses, attempt gel nails in black or another deep-hued base to really let the design attract attention.


There’s no way we’re going to talk about Valentine’s Day nail colour designs and without mention hearts. We obsessed heart nail designs for any day of the week so they’re an absolute must for love day. Provide a cute spin and give your hearts a beat so that your valentine knows that they don’t just have your heart, but they make it sing even if that person is you!

Source: Pexels/Valeria

Red French Tips

It’s obvius that the French manicure nail colour is having a moment with upgraded modern twists. For French tips that’ll put you and your beloved in a state of bliss, skip the marbled French mani and opt for a style with a neutral base and red tips.

Sunset Nails

Landscape nail art is incredibly on pattern for 2022 and sunset nails are lovely way to try the look. With sprinkles of pink, red, orange and more, it’s a colorful look nail colour that’s ideal for the day of love and takes you directly into spring and summer season.


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