5 Arm Workout Tips for Bicep Curl

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Curling is the simplest workout to build your arm. But doing it wrong way will lead you to nothing but soreness and tired. Here will be five tips doing bicep curl as your arm workout, summarized special for you.

5 Arm Workout Tips for Bicep Curl
Bicep curl Illustration | Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

5 Arm Workout Tips for Bicep Curl

  1. Use appropriate weights.

Focus on proper form and technique to complete the training. To avoid swinging motions, do the exercise sitting down and try to use only the elbow flexors when raising and lowering weights. Also activate the core muscles so that the spine remains neutral and does not bend.

  1. Do it with right pace and reps.

To build more strength, you can speed up the movement when lifting weights and slow down when lowering the weights. If the weight loss movement is uncontrollable and difficult to slow down, try reducing the weight a bit.

5 Arm Workout Tips for Bicep Curl
Bicep curl illustration | Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio
  1. Wider your angle.

Range of motion is one thing that must also be considered to maximize training. Choose weights of the right weight so that the training can be carried out with a full range of motion. Also make sure that you don’t have hyperextending elbow or injury to the elbow joint that bends beyond its normal range of motion. You still can do arm workout safe and soundly.

  1. Control your wrist.

In a neutral position, bend your wrists slightly back and hold them throughout the movement. The shape of the wrist will reduce the pressure applied to the forearm while reducing the risk of injury.

  1. Do various way.

There are many variations of bicep curl training that you can do, from barbell bicep curls, concentration curls, to reverse curls. Each variation can also be done with a different tool, whether it’s a barbell, dumbbell, or cable-machine. You can also vary the grip grip which includes palms-up, standard grip, neutral grip (hammer curls), to palms down (reverse curls).

Arm Workout illustration | Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Relying too much on momentum, forcing reps, not doing full range of motion, losing wrist control, shifting elbows, and not doing a variety of training are six things you need to avoid when doing bicep curls as your arm workout. This condition ultimately makes the bicep curl ineffective. When viewed as a whole, the weight of the load has a big effect on the quality of the training. Therefore, adjust the weight of the load to your ability and learn the right technique so as not to cause injuries.

We hope these 5 arm workout tips can help you doing your daily workout better to achieve the best result. Consult to your PT or more experienced person in charge to get a perfect routine that fit your body. Don’t forget to drink enough water and do warmups before starting your exercise.


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