5 Easy and Safe Steps to Trim Cat Nails For Beginners. Can be done at home!!

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Not many people know, easy and safe steps to trim cat nails for beginners. Also, keep in mind that, cat’s claws and fangs are the main weapons for finding food. Even the cat himself often takes care of his nails to be sharp. That way he has no trouble chasing his prey. The hooves can make it climb trees and grab prey.

However, we as cat keepers sometimes feel annoyed with the cat’s long and sharp nails. Because sharp nails can scratch the owner when carried or invited to play. That’s what makes people find out how to cut cat nails properly and correctly.

But the question is, can we cut cat nails? Some people argue that it is not permissible to cut cat’s nails and others allow it. But I think it’s okay as long as you pay attention to a good and safe way.

How to trim cat nails for beginners? Therefore, here I will share tips for cat lovers in Indonesia on how to safely cut cat nails in your own home. The tutorial below can be applied to all types of cats. Both cat breeds such as Persian, Angora and ferocious domestic cats.

Trim cat nails for beginners
Trim cat nails for beginners | rover.com

let’s see how to trim cat nails for beginners, here’s an explanation

– Prepare Scissors or Special Tools for Cutting Cat’s Nails

How to Cut Cat’s Nails

First of all, you must have a special cat nail clipper. Because scissors are safer than using human scissors. You can buy your own cat nail clippers at the nearest pet shop. But if you are used to it and are an expert, you can trim your cat’s nails with ordinary scissors.

– Embrace the Key With Love

After the cutting tool is ready, then you slowly remove the cat from the cage. If necessary make him comfortable with you. Therefore, hug the cat lovingly while being petted.

– Press Cat Palm Skin

You need to know that the cat’s nails are hidden and will come out when the cat is angry. So to cut it you don’t need to make him angry first. But you simply do it by pressing the cat’s palm then the nail will come out by itself. And that’s also to make it easier for you to cut it.

– Cut Edge Only

How to cut a cat’s nails the right way

This fourth point is the most important point when you want to trim your cat’s nails alone. We think cat nails are the same as sugar gliders, dogs, or any other hoofed animal.

This means that the cat’s nails are actually very thin, although they look long, mostly nerves and flesh. So you should not be careless in cutting cat nails.

The trick is to cut the cat’s nails only at the ends like the picture above. Do not go too deep when cutting nails because it is feared that it will hit the inside of the flesh which is marked with a pink color so that it can injure the cat. Even more dangerous if exposed to nerves.

– Do it Gradually

After successfully trimming the cat’s nails properly, then do the trimming in stages, namely once a month. Because usually cat nails will be long and sharp within a month.

Trim cat nails for beginners
Trim cat nails for beginners | petful.com

yes, those are some explanations to find out how to cut a ferocious cat’s nails, thank you, hopefully it will be useful


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