5 Easy And Safe Ways to Trim Cat Nails. Do This At Home!

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What’s an easy and safe way to trim cat nails? Does your pet cat often run away when it comes to trimming its nails? Maybe you feel overwhelmed when you try to trim your cat’s nails yourself. However, cats will naturally feel restless and want to leave when you start trimming their nails. What is the safe way to trim cat nails?

While some cats are not agitated when their nails are cut, most cats refuse to calm down. At the same time, you will be horrified and worried about hurting the cat. Basically, you don’t have to worry about hurting your cat or getting scratched. Follow these safe tips for trimming your cat’s nails to deal with it. let’s goo:

Safe Ways ti Trim Cat Nails
Safe Ways ti Trim Cat Nails | vetstreet.com

Safe Ways to Trim Cat Nails

A cat’s nails have several layers, and he will often need to scratch on a rough surface to remove the outer layer. Agile cats also naturally use claws for play. However, nails that are long and sharp can injure your skin or damage furniture.

For that, do some safe ways to trim cat nails below:

Choose a Quiet and Comfortable Place

Trimming a cat’s nails should be done with just you and your cat. Allow sufficient time to pet the cat first or brush or comb the cat’s fur before trimming its nails. If you directly cut your nails, then you are considered rude.

Get used to the cat to be held by its claws

Before starting to cut your nails, you can try practicing removing the nails by applying gentle pressure to the pads of each toe. Reward your cat with delicious treats when you manage to trim each and every nail.

Avoid Quick Area

The quick is the pink part of the nail at the tip of the toe that contains nerves and blood vessels. Cutting this area causes bleeding and pain in the cat. Cat nails are semi-transparent in color, and there is usually sufficient sparse between the tip of the nail and the quick. It is a safe area for cutting nails. For beginners, it’s best to cut only the sharpest part of the nail.

Use Sharp Scissors and Suitable for Cat Nails

The cat’s nail clippers, which come in the form of tiny scissors, may not be too scary for cats. This tool is designed for cats of all ages and sizes. In addition, these scissors have a comfortable grip to prevent mistargeting.

But for thick nails, these scissors may not be suitable. Some people prefer to use guillotine scissors. This tool has an oval ring where you insert the nail to trim the exposed tip of the nail. Make sure the knife is sharp, because if it is blunt it will crush the cat’s nails.

Scissors Quickly and Confidently

Being hesitant and indecisive when trimming your cat’s nails can cause the cat’s nails to crumble or be misdirected. Accidents can happen if you accidentally cut off the quick. If you are sure, then immediately scissor quickly.

Trimming your cat’s nails should be done every ten days to two weeks. This activity should be made a routine together. If your cat won’t let you trim its nails, ask your vet for help. Avoid getting angry or punishing the cat if it refuses to have its nails trimmed. it’s a safe way to trim cat nails

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