5 Great Tips To Coloring Your Hair At Home !!

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How To Coloring Your Hair At Home

5 Great Tips To Coloring Your Hair At Home | freepik.com

1. Choose the right hair dye

The first way to coloring your hair at home that you can do before coloring it yourself is to choose the right hair dye product. Choose a product with a formula that doesn’t spill easily, so the application is easier when you do it yourself at home.

2. Prepare equipment

Next, how to dye your own hair, you need to prepare all the equipment needed to dye your own hair. Starting from selected hair dye products, a non-metallic bowl as a dye container, a brush or brush for applying hair dye, some hair clips, gloves and a towel worn on the shoulders to protect clothes from dripping dye. If the equipment is complete, you can start doing this hair coloring ritual.

3. Separate the hair into sections

The right technique is very important to make the coloring results more optimal. Separate your hair into sections and use bobby pins to hold the hair in place. This is very important to facilitate the application of hair dye so that it is more evenly distributed.

4. How to apply hair dye

Mix the hair dye in a bowl and use a special brush. Focus on one section of hair and start the application process until it is evenly distributed. Don’t forget the ends of the hair that are often overlooked. Do it little by little strands of hair so that the coloring is more evenly distributed and the results are maximum.

5. Tips for cleaning hair dye on the temples

Coloring your own hair at home can be more practical if you choose a hair dye product that has a non-drip formula. So, it is not easy to drip on the temples. Yes, because dyeing your own hair at home is prone to falling apart.Well, you can get around this problem by cleaning the remaining hair dye on the skin with a towel that is given warm water and liquid soap. Gently rub on the temples until the remaining dye that sticks is gone.


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