5 Steps To Trim Cat Nails, Can Be Done At Home!!

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Hello guys

It’s not easy To Trim Cat Nails. Did you know that we also have a series of tools for cutting our pet’s nails, guys, for example, cats are the most familiar pets on earth, do you want to know how to trim cat nails? let’s see guys how,, lets goo:

There are many things that need to be understood when caring for a cat, one of which is how to cut a cat’s nails. Many people think that trimming cat’s nails is unnecessary, because cats have their own way of removing or removing the old layer of skin from their nails.

Indeed, this opinion is not wrong, but if the cat’s nails are not cut it will cause a lot of problems.

Cats remove the skin layer of their nails by clawing at hard objects such as wood, stone and others. If the cat is placed in the house, the cat can scratch the furniture

Trim Cat Nails
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Here are some 5 steps to trim cat nails:

  1. Provide special animal nail clippers

Clipping cat nails cannot be done by using scissors or human nail clippers, because cat nails require special veterinary scissors to trim them.

Human nail clippers will not be able to cut a cat’s hard nails, and using other scissors to trim a cat’s nails can damage the cat’s nails and lead to poor nail growth.

For that you need to prepare special cat nail clippers that you can get from pet stores. If there is, then you can cut your cat’s nails.

  1. Calm the cat first

The next way to cut a cat’s nails is that you first have to make the cat calm and lean as comfortably as possible. You can calm him down by holding the cat and stroking him until he feels calm and comfortable.

A calm cat will make trimming his nails easier. Cats who are not used to having their nails cut will be difficult to control. Therefore you need to keep the cat so that the cat does not run away when its nails are cut.

As much as possible ask someone else to hold the cat and keep the cat still while the nail trimming process takes place. Cats who are used to having their nails cut will find it easier to trim their nails.

  1. Press the cat paw pads for easy cutting

Next you have to gently grip the cat’s paw and press the paw pad so that the cat’s nails emerge completely out. This will make it easier for you to cut it. You can press the cat’s paw pads with your thumb and index finger.

Pressing it doesn’t need to be done so hard. Press gently and gently to keep the cat comfortable.

  1. Cut vertically from top to bottom

Another important thing that you need to pay attention to is the position and how to cut the cat’s nails. Do not trim the cat’s nails sideways, but must be trimmed vertically, ie from top to bottom.

After you press down on the cat’s paw pads, and the cat’s nails come out, gently trim the nails from top to bottom. Cutting from the side can cause the cat’s nails to crack and make their growth and appearance irregular. Therefore you have to cut it in the right position.

  1. Cut the thin nail only

When you cut the cat’s nails, you have to pay attention to the parts contained in the cat’s nails.

On a cat’s nail there is a ‘quick’ section which is pink in color and is located in the middle of the cat’s nail.

You should avoid this part because there are cat blood vessels and nerves. If you cut it your cat will be in pain and it can cause bleeding in the cat’s paw.

Therefore you have to be careful when cutting it. Trim only the thin and pointy parts of the cat’s nails. And do the nail cutting one by one, yes. Don’t cut it all at once. Let the results be neat and all nails cut properly.

If you apply this method of cutting cat nails, you can be sure that your cat’s nails will look beautiful and neat. As much as possible cut your cat’s nails a maximum of once a month.

It’s better once every two weeks, because the cat’s nails will be sharp again within 2 weeks. So be diligent in cutting your cat’s nails, okay?

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