6 Ways to Take Care of Nails Well and Easily

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Many people do not understand how to Take Care of Nails. Having beautiful and healthy nails not only supports appearance, but also increases self-confidence. Therefore, nails need to be cared for to keep them healthy, strong, and shiny. Not only at the salon, beautiful nails can also be obtained only by doing natural treatments at home. Nails are one of the parts of the body that are vulnerable to being a place for germs to develop. Therefore, proper nail care is needed so that your nails look beautiful and you are protected from various diseases.

Take Care of Nails
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Here are some ways you can do to take care of  nails:

1. Trim your nails regularly

Trimming your nails regularly can help you avoid the risk of breaking your nails, thus keeping them strong. In addition, having long nails is also at risk of causing health problems. When trimming your nails, try to gently rub the edges of the nails so they don’t hurt the skin when they touch.

2. Make sure your nails are always clean and dry

After washing your hands or doing activities that get your hands wet, be sure to always dry your nails and clean between your nails with a soft brush. This can prevent bacterial and fungal infections on your beautiful nails. In addition, you can also use rubber gloves when washing dishes, to prevent your nails from being exposed to harsh and harmful chemicals.

3. Apply moisturizer to the cuticles

When doing nail care, don’t forget to treat the cuticle by giving it a moisturizer. However, you need to remember that you should not overdo it in treating your cuticles. Avoid pushing or peeling the cuticles, as this can damage and infect the nails with bacteria or fungi.

4. Avoid using nail polish too often

Nail polish can indeed beautify nails, but its use needs to be limited. Continuous use of nail polish can make nails brittle. Give it at least a week before you reapply nail polish. Also avoid using nail polish removers that contain acetone, as this can dry out your nails, cuticles and surrounding skin.

5. Choose the right nail salon

If you decide to do nail care at a salon, choose a nail salon that is licensed and kept clean. This is important to avoid the possibility of bacterial or fungal infection of the nails if the manicure and pedicure is not done properly. 6. Take biotin supplementsIf you have weak or brittle nails, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Doctors will usually give biotin supplements to strengthen nails. Biotin is one of the B vitamins that can strengthen hair and nails, and help the body’s nervous system function.


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