7 Easy Ways to Trim a Fierce Dog Nails. Do this at home!!

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Not many people know how to trim a fierce dog nails. You also need to know, Nail clipping is important for maintaining health, not only for humans but also for animals. Nails that are trimmed regularly can reduce the risk, such as broken nails, ingrown toenails, or injuring the skin around the fingers. Unfortunately, not all dogs voluntarily have their nails clipped. Some always show resistance by running away or looking a little aggressive.

Trim a fierce dog nails
Trim a fierce dog nails | akc.org

Here’s how to trim a fierce dog nails. Let’s Try

– First, take a plastic wrap and wrap it around your forehead.
Then, take the peanut butter and apply it on the outer surface of the plastic wrap that has been stuck to the forehead.
– Don’t forget to pay attention to every ingredient in the jam and make sure nothing is harmful to your dog’s health.
– Once the jam is well attached, the nail trimming process can begin.
– Use jam as a distraction for the dog. Every time Anabul sees nail clippers,
– When he has focused on licking his favorite treat, he just clips his nails freely and easily without the slightest sign of aggression or rebellion.
– If you are having the same problem, consider trying these tips. If your dog doesn’t like peanut butter, choose another food alternative that sticks to the plastic surface to prevent food from falling on his face.


In fact, the purpose of this trick is to make the dog feel more comfortable and relaxed. So hopefully, he will no longer be afraid or even stressed every time he sees nail clippers. Interested in trying it? here is a simple and easy explanation of how we trim the nails of a fierce dog It’s very simple, right, this trick is also to trick the dog so it doesn’t get stressed

Trim a fierce dog nails
Trim a fierce dog nails | tractive.com

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