8 Important Reasons Why Dog Nails Need to be Trimmed. Do not be Wrong!!

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Why do dog nails need to be trimmed? not many people know about it. Trimming your dog’s nails is part of the grooming. In addition to avoiding scratching while playing, a dog’s short nails can make it easier for him to run.

the easiest way to cut a dog’s nails is to take him to the clinic. But to save money, you can even cut your dog’s nails without professional help.

why dog ​​nails need to be trimmed?
why dog ​​nails need to be trimmed? | dogsbestlife.com

Here are the reasons why dog nails need to be trimmed:

– Nails that are not trimmed can cause the nail to break or tear, and require antibiotics or a bandage.

“In the worst case, the nails can roll up and stick to the footwear, and that’s very painful.”

– The right time to cut nails can be seen from how active our pet dog is. Dogs who regularly run or walk do not need to trim their nails as often, as nail growth is stunted when the paws touch the pavement.

– Make sure to use proper scissors to trim the nails. In addition, he continued, do not let fast or small blood vessels that flow vertically through the nail when cutting it.

“The fast, or tiny blood vessels in the dog’s paws, are easier to see in dogs with white toenails,” he adds.

– Butler explains that the pink color of a dog’s nails is a source of blood supply, so it should be avoided when trimming nails. According to him, the most difficult to distinguish are the veins in the dog’s nails which are darker in color.

– However, that doesn’t mean it’s hard to do. advise to cut it little by little, until the color changes in the middle of the nail. A color that appears darker in the center of the nail means we’re getting closer fast

Don’t panic when you accidentally cut fast,”

– While this may injure your pet, it is not a big deal. According to him, immediately give painkillers powder, flour or cornstarch to stop the bleeding. Then press the injured part with our finger.

– It is recommended to make the dog feel comfortable when trimming his nails. Because most dogs do not like to do the ritual.

“Cutting the nails is easier if the dog is standing, and we lift one paw to trim the nails, or we lie beside him,”

– But the most important thing for dogs to get used to cutting their nails is, trim them regularly since the dog was small. also recommends touching the dog’s paws as often as possible, so the dog can feel how it feels when touched or held by his master.

why dog ​​nails need to be trimmed?
why dog ​​nails need to be trimmed? | petbarn.com.au
why dog ​​nails need to be trimmed?
why dog ​​nails need to be trimmed? | petbasics.com

And that’s the reason why dog ​​nails need to be trimmed

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