About Melanoma Skin Cancer: What is Symptoms ABCDE?

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Melanoma skin cancer is one of different types of skin cancer. It strikes melanosed, cells that produces melanin that later give pigment to our skin. It is a rare type of skin cancer, but can be very dangerous when contracted to people. What are the symptoms I need to watch out from this skin cancer?

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Melanoma usually appears on the skin as a new spot or growth or a change in an already existing mole. A normal mole is typically even in color, quite small and appears early in life. T

here are known method to distinguish between melanoma skin cancer symptoms and moles, that is ABCDE method.

  • A is for Asymmetry: moles usually having regular shape like full circle with same size every sides. But melanoma isn’t. They don’t have regular shape and is asymmetric one to each another side.
  • B is for (irregular) border: the edge of melanoma is not vivid. It is sometimes be blurred, ragged, or cracked, unlike vivid border between moles and our skin.
  • C is for color: melanoma known to be have uneven color, including brown, black, red, even grey one. Examine your suspicious moles with this method.
  • D is for diameter: every cancer cells will grow eventually, including melanoma. If it larger than 6 mm or ¼ inches, you need to see the doctor.
  • E is for evolving: examine growth and look over changes every time. Moles may evolve to develop new itchiness or bleeding.

Melanomas can also develop in areas of your body that have little or no exposure to the sun, such as the spaces between your toes and on your palms, soles, scalp or genitals. These are sometimes referred to as hidden melanomas because they occur in places most people wouldn’t think to check. When melanoma occurs in people with darker skin, it’s more likely to occur in a hidden area.

This melanoma skin cancer symptoms could occur on every inches of your body so check your body thoroughly and carefully. If you have irregular moles that is not there before, be careful and consult with your doctors. Cancer still can be cured and treated when it is found earlier.


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