AHA and BHA, Which 1 is The Best Skin Care Product?

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Does your skin care product contain AHA and BHA material? What is it, exactly? Which one is the best skin care product?

AHA or Alpha-hydroxy acid is a type of water-soluble acid obtained from processing plants and animals. This natural compound is also proven to be effective in shrinking pores, restoring skin elasticity and flexibility, to counteracting the effects of premature aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.

While beta-hydroxy acid or BHA is a fat-soluble acid usually obtained from willow bark, cinnamon, or wintergreen leaves. Salicylic acid as the only source of BHA is often marketed as an acne remedy.
Which one is better?

AHA and BHA, Which 1 is The Best Skin Care Product?
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Well, before we can tell you which one is the best skin care product, it is important to know what BHA and AHA does in our skincare. What are their purposes?

AHA is more suitable for those of you who have skin problems related to aging such as dark spots and wrinkles, while BHA is more recommended for those of you who have sensitive skin and are prone to acne.

When is the time we using each other? Some people think that taking BHA and AHA together can give better results, but this is not always necessary. Even if you want to use both at the same time, you should do it at different times.

For example, use an AHA during the day and a BHA at night. Every few days, replace it with PHA. If you have more than one skin problem and want to use several products, start with the lowest concentration.

Both AHA and BHA will work more effectively if your face is clean, after washing your face and using toner products. Wait about 3-5 minutes or until the skin is completely dry to maximize exfoliation.

After that, other cosmetic products such as moisturizer, serum, eye cream, sunscreen, or foundation can be used. If you want to use topical prescription products such as Renova, retinoids, and so on, use the BHA or AHA first.

So, which materials is the best skin care product? Is BHA and AHA good in our skincare? The answer is both are good and have different purposes and even time. Hope this can help you to know more about AHA and BHA that included as your skin care ingredients.


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