Best 3 Allure’s Nail Polish That Released in 2022

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Best 3 Allure's Nail Polish That Released in 2022

If you feel lazy to go see a manicurist, you can polish your own nails at home. There are many nail polish products provided by Allure that you can use independently with no less satisfying results than what manicurists do. However, of the many nail polish products offered, you will feel confused about which one to choose, whether in terms of price and quality.

So, we will help you to find the best 3 Allure’s nail polish in 2022 which become a potential trends.

1. Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro in She’s a Rocket

At Allure, this nail polish is only priced at $20, and at that price, you can beautify your nails without needing to add or combine them with other nail polishes. This product is relatively new and fresh, has a purple base with a mixture of gold and silver glitter, a non-sticky texture and does not contain harmful ingredients. Of course, this nail polish will make your nails look luxury.

2. Essie Nail Enamel in All Oar Nothing

This nail polish from Essie actually has an undefined color, looks like brown, orange, peach, or whatever, all you need to care about is the quality of the shade that looks very beautiful on your nails. This shade is certainly very suitable for you to combine with all the colors of your clothes and even your accessories. Almost like a calm color, but also stunning. Though the price is only $ 9.

3. Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer in Bloom Service

For those of you who like pastel colors, but not too flashy, then this shade will suit your taste. Carrying a dark pastel color theme, you will be treated with a thick and matte nail polish texture, so that it gives a firm impression when you apply it on your nails.

Of the three nail polishes that have been posted on Allure, have you made your choice? Whatever it is, you can customize your choice with the color you like and be careful when applying it to the nails for a perfect result.


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