Best 3 Beauty Tips That Can Help You Reducing Puffiness

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Beauty tips for eye bags.

Thick eye bags are indeed a problem that is often faced by most people, especially for people who have entered adulthood. Eye bags that look thick are quite disturbing appearance because the face looks tired and not fresh. Not only that, the condition of enlarged eye bags can also give the effect of a face that looks dull and older.

Eye bags are an enlarged or thickened lower part of the eye that occurs due to a buildup of fluid due to weakening of the tissue around the eye, including the muscles that support the eyelids.

A lot of problems can happen to our body, but beauty tips are everywhere to help us overcome those problems. Some of beauty tips that is usually used for puffiness under-eye, for example:

1. Using cold metal spoons

Not only used as a cutlery, a spoon can also be used as a tool to remove eye bags. Basically, how to remove eye bags with this spoon requires cold temperatures as the key. Cold temperatures are known to compress swollen blood vessels and can help improve blood circulation. You just need a cold metal spoon, then massage it slowly to your eyelid. Try this easiest beauty tips at your home for 10-15 minutes and feel your relaxed eyes!

Best 3 Beauty Tips That Can Help You Reducing Puffiness
Spoon Illustration | Pexels/Karolina Gabrowska

2. Drink enough water and stay hydrated

One of the causes of the presence of raccoon eyes under your eyes is not drinking enough mineral water. Therefore, the way to get rid of eye bags is to drink mineral water. Every day try to drink mineral water not less than eight glasses. Staying hydrated will make your body feel lighter and relaxed, including those skin under your eyes.

Water illustration | Pexels/pixabay

3. Cucumber eye mask

Sticking cucumber slices in your eye area can be an effort to get rid of eye bags. This is a method that many people already know. This is because cucumbers contain vitamins A, B, and C, high water content, but also contain various minerals such as potassium, magnesium or silicon.

All of these substances are useful for eye health to make it look fresher. In addition, in cucumbers there are also astringent substances that are useful for improving blood circulation in the surface layer of the skin.

This beauty tips are also super easy. You just need to put a slice of cucumber above your closed-eyes for about 15- 30 minutes. Wearing sheet mask and do this routinely before you go to sleep will help you a lot!

cucumber eye mask | Pexels/Angela Roma

Those are several beauty tips we can do to reduce puffiness in our under-eye and helps you to be more relaxed. Hope this article can help you sorting out your problem and resolve it quickly. Let’s be confident together!


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