Best 3 Makeup and Skincare in One, These are The Products

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Best 3 Makeup and Skincare at One, These are The Products

So far, we think of makeup and skincare as two different things. But who would have thought that nowadays, these two different things can be combined into one? Still with the same functions and benefits, of course the presence of makeup and skincare in one product is considered practical and efficient.

If you want to know what products have combined makeup and skincare in one product at once, you can pay attention to the information below.

1. Rose All Day The Realest Lightweight Foundation

If you buy this product, you will find the real 2in1. Besides being able to use foundation for your makeup, you can feel the benefits of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C, and zinc which nourishes your face to make it look fresh and comfortable. This foundation tends to be light so it is guaranteed not to damage your facial skin.

2. Crystallure Precious Luminizing Silk Powder Foundation

Still about foundation, this time it’s not in the form of liquid, but powder. There are many color variants that you can adjust to your skin tone. The function of a powder foundation that doubles as skincare with vitamins and minerals, you can feel a soft sensation after using it, it also makes your makeup look smooth and flawless.

3. Sheer Complexion Enhancers

This moisturizer with SPF 30 claims that their product can hydrate dehydrated facial skin. It also tackles other skin problems in a complex manner as it contains vitamin D which can protect the skin from the sun. When you use it, you will get a dewy look as well as an improvement in skin tone.

Of the three products above, which one makeup and skincare in one is your favourite? Whichever it is, you still have to pay attention to the ingredients to suit your skin condition and remember not to use it excessively so as not to cause other skin problems.


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