Best 3 Small Bussiness’s Website That Could Help You

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Best 3 Small Bussiness’s Website That Could Help You

Talking about doing business, of course we can’t just target at that time our business can be successful. As beginners, we must start a business with something small first, therefore the term small business exists.

If you already have a small bussiness, but are still confused about where you can market it, here we summarize 3 websites that are willing to be a place for you to sell your wares.

1. Etsy

If you’re looking to sell your crafts, paintings, or collectibles, Etsy is willing to offer all of that on their site. Most of the buyers on this site are those who like vintage and antique items, besides that there are many other categories that you can try.

2. Shopify

An alternative to Etsy is Shopify, where you are free to sell your goods whether for small or large businesses. Shopify also has tons of themes and is rich in features, so you can design according to your taste. When compared to Etsy, Shopify is certainly not as strict as Etsy, so you can sell any product without being limited and you can even use your own domain name. In addition, Shopify is considered not to have as much competition as on Etsy.

3. Squarespace

This platform is almost the same as Shopify, in addition to providing low subscription fees and having many themes to design your store, here you can also receive donations from your buyers. However, if you look at it from a promotional perspective, you have to be content with Squarespace’s terms that ask you to advertise your own products.

You can access the three websites above through their official website, you can explore there and dive back into the advantages and disadvantages of each website. However, one thing you need to do is start your small business today, because the longer you delay, the more likely your success will be delayed.



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