Day and Night Skincare Routine 3 Steps Best of The Best

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Talking about a skincare routine, it’s incomplete if you don’t combine your day and night skincare routine for the sake of creating healthy and nourished facial skin. However, to be more effective, we are required to choose products that suit our skin type. In addition, we must also diligently apply the steps we have provided below.

Day and Night Skincare Routine Order

Day and Night Skincare Routine 3 Steps Best of The Best
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For daytime skincare routine, we have summarized the points for down below:

  • Cleanser

There is a lot of dirt and bacteria all over the place, even in our own bed. Then, cleaning the face is the main foundation in this routine. Make sure to clean your face at least twice a day, after applying make-up, and after traveling.

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliate is the most recommended thing by many experts. Because exfoliating is as important as it is to nourish our facial skin, but too often is not good either. So, it’s much more effective if we exfoliate our face at least once or twice a week as long as it’s constant.

  • Essence

In order to keep balancing our skin’s ph, an essence is quite important because it is needed to hydrate and renew the cells in our facial skin. That is why, as much as possible try to not to skip this step.

For night skincare, it’s actually not as complex as morning skincare. However, we have summarized the following steps so that you can apply it easily.

  • Remove Your Make Up

After a day of activities with make-up stuck all day, it’s better if before going to bed we remove that make-up. In addition to being comfortable while sleep, make-up that is not cleaned tends to damage the elements on our face, causing acne, enlarged pores, and blackheads.

  • Cleanser

In day and night skincare routine, cleansing your face has become a must. Therefore, don’t forget to use your facial wash, use it day and night, and dry your face after that.

  • Serum

To combat pollution during the day, serums do a great job of keeping your skin healthy. The use of this serum usually has many types, can be suit to each individual’s needs.

Those are day and night skincare routine order to keep your face healthy and nourish everyday. If you follow the steps carefully, there will be no argue that your face could captivate other people’s attention.


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