Easy Step To Make Dreadlocks Hair

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Easy Step To Make Dreadlocks Hair, Make dreadlocks hair are a hairstyle that resembles a rope in the form of a woven or braid. This hairstyle has been known for centuries, and is still a popular hairstyle among young people in the country. In the world of music, Reggae is one of dozens of musical genres that helped popularize dreadlocks hairstyles. Between their idol, Bob Marley, Reggae music and Dreads, they are three inseparable components.

Easy Step To Make Dreadlocks Hair
Easy Step To Make Dreadlocks Hair | freepik.com

How to Make Dreadlocks Hair :

  • Step 1

Usually, dreadlocks are easier to make on curly hair. So, if your hair is straight, you should do curly hair treatment at the salon first. That way, the process of making dreadlocks is easier.

  • Step 2

Stop using conditioner for 10 days before you start the process of making dreads.

  • Step 3

Mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 1 liter of water. Wash your hair with this mixture on the day you want to make dreads. This method can remove residue that can hinder the process. Alternatively, you can also purchase a residue-free shampoo for this process.

  • Step 4

After that, start drying your hair. Take a section of hair (about 2.5 cm in diameter). Then, twist the hair tightly until it is dense.

  • Step 5
Easy Step To Make Dreadlocks Hair
Easy Step To Make Dreadlocks Hair | amazon.com

Pin the untwisted hair with bobby pins or a hair band so that you focus on twisting the hair one by one. use crochet hook the twisted hair, starting from the roots to the tips of the hair and back again towards the scalp. If your hair is classified as fine, do this method repeatedly until the hair is stiff. It’s a good idea to use a comb made of iron so that the hair is combed perfectly.

  • Step 6

Apply a special dreadlocks wax or oil (can be purchased at salons), or beeswax on each strand of hair after steaming to strengthen the curls.

  • Step 7

Tie the ends of the hair that have been twisted with a hair elastic. This step can maintain the hair that has been twisted. Do this twist on the hair to be dreadlocked. To make it look neat, ask a friend to help twist the hair one by one.

  • Step 8

This dreadlocks hairstyle can depend on the desire. You can make dreadlocks part or all of your hair.

  • Step 9

Routinely twist, tuck, and apply wax to your hair to maintain the shape of the dreadlocks. And, make sure to twist the hair in the same direction. That way, if you want to return your hair to its original shape. Because if the hair is too tangled, you have to cut all your hair.

Remember, this hairstyle requires extra care. Do this habit in your spare time, for example while watching TV or relaxing. And, for dreadlocks to last perfectly, you should not wash it for a few weeks, and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Well, there are following steps to make dreadlocks hair. No need to be afraid to dread your hair, as long as you are sure you can take care of it then the people around you will feel comfortable.


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