Easy Ways To Make Hair Straightener Last Longer

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Easy Ways To Make Hair Straightener Last Longer, Have you ever thought that when you wake up from sleep, your hair is on point and ready to be carried out without having to struggle every morning? If so, we know what it’s like! The activity of styling hair in the morning should not spoil the mood because it is done in a hurry. Even straight hair is sometimes difficult to style so that it looks sleek without being disturbed by broken hair or sticking ends.

If you feel like you’ve often straightened your hair but your straight hair only lasts a few hours, maybe your method isn’t right! Here, All Things Hair will tell you how to make your hair straightener last all day long!

Easy Ways To Make Hair Straightener Last Longer
Easy Ways To Make Hair Straightener Last Longer | freepik.com

How To Make Hair Straightener Last Longer

  1. Choose a Moisturizing Shampoo.
Easy Ways To Make Hair Straightener Last Longer
Easy Ways To Make Hair Straightener Last Longer | freepik.com

Don’t take it lightly when you wash your hair! Washing and rinsing your hair sounds trivial and unimportant. In fact, the preparation of long-lasting straight hair starts from your habit of washing your hair.

The first thing you have to remember is that your hair must be damp. When the moisture of the hair is maintained, the condition of the hair will be more conducive so that it is easier to manage.

Try choosing a shampoo that can provide maximum moisture and has a softening effect on your hair.

  1. Don’t Miss Conditioner.

For maximum results, make sure to always use conditioner every time you wash your hair. because it makes your hair smoother.

  1. Dry Hair Properly.

A mistake that is also often made is to dry your hair after shampooing by rubbing your hair on a towel vigorously. In fact, this method can open the skin of injured hair and make it easier to tangle. It is best to use a clean cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel.

  1. Use a Good Hair Serum for Straightening: Heat Protection Spray.

To get perfect straight hair, you need a straightener and a hairdryer. However, excessive heat can loosen the moisture in the hair shaft, making your hair feel drier.

Instead of directly using a hair dryer, first squeeze your hair using a towel and massage gently to reduce excess water from the hair. Once your hair is almost dry, comb it with wide-toothed combs to make sure there are no tangles.

Then spray heat protection spray on the hair shaft. The content of keratin that is evenly distributed will work effectively as a protective layer of hair when exposed to the heat of styling tools.

  1. Blow Dry Before Fixing.

Well, this is what supports hair to make it straighter and softer for a long time! We will combine two hair straightening techniques, namely blow dry and straightening. Blow dry will make hair straighter than normal drying.

The trick is in the temperature used. Set the hairdryer on low, if necessary, equal to room temperature. Don’t let your hair overheat because after this it will be exposed to hot temperatures from the straightener. Comb the hair using a paddle brush when drying so that there are no tangles of hair.

  1. Select the appropriate material and size.

Remember, there is a price and there is quality. The straightening tool is now equipped with a variety of plate materials: ceramic, tourmaline, to titanium. Some of these materials have their respective advantages and can be adjusted to your hair type. In addition to the straightening material, you also have to know the size that suits your hair length.

  1. Straighten Hair with the Right Temperature.

When your hair is completely dry, start ironing your hair. If you feel a part of your hair is tangled, trim it by combing it. In this phase, using a flat iron that has a temperature setting is the best option.

For already straight hair, we recommend never going above 150 degrees. But if your hair is thin, use 130 degrees instead. Remember, make sure your hair is completely dry before starting to iron it, otherwise the hair will be ‘scorched’ and damaged.

  1. Use the Right Comb.

Every time you straighten or blow dry, make sure you use a sasak comb or a fine toothed comb. The goal is to make hair that has been straightened straighter and sleeker.

Personal tricks from the editor? Comb your hair with a fine-toothed comb or brush while straightening your hair to get smooth and straight hair without tangles.

  1. Straighten Hair Layer by Layer.

The way you straighten your hair can also determine the durability of the results. If you have a habit of curling your hair in large sections, leave this habit. It’s a good idea to divide your hair into sections and iron your hair layer by layer.

This method may take a long time, especially for those of you who have thick hair. However, you will definitely like the results. The heat from the vise will be more evenly distributed and the results of the vise will last longer and look more ‘ripe’.

  1. Combing While Straightening Hair.

How to make the results of the straightener last longer? Use a comb while ironing hair. Not only use your fingers and part the hair little by little, but you also have to straighten while combing the hair slowly. The goal is that the hair is smoother and there is no hair that bends as long as you clamp it with a straightener. The key is to be patient and ready to be complicated. Trust me, this is the way to make it last long and flawless.

  1. Boost with Hair Vitamins.

Maybe many are asking, hair vitamins are used before or after straightening? Generally, vitamins are used after you wash your hair. Well, if you want to straighten your hair, this product should be used when your hair is half wet before blow drying or after using it.

Vitamins or serums are useful for moisturizing or locking hair moisture, while giving it extra nutrition. Therefore, use it in the middle to the ends of the hair shaft to avoid limp. Not only that, hair vitamins can also give you a bouncy effect and frizz-free hair!

so those are some tips and tricks on how to make a hair straightener last longer, you can apply some of these ways to make your hair last longer.


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