How do I do Good Skin Care Routine? 5 Easy Steps to do Daily

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why should do a good skin care routine?

What is the purpose of us doing skin care routine? For a healthier skin, of course. But what if we use our skin care randomly? Will we be able to reach the best result?

No. To maintain healthy and youthful facial skin, you must pay attention to the correct order of skincare usage so you don’t use it in a wrong way.

good skin care routine
how to do good skin care routine | pexels/ron lach

However, which should be used first, moisturizer or sunscreen? Essence or facial serum first? Toner or serum first? Eye cream or night cream first? How do I do a good daily skin care routine that will give me the best result? Check out the full explanation of the list below.

  1. Wash your face
    Clean face is the key so other skin care products can absorb correctly.
  2. Use face toner
    Hydrating or moisturizing toner could be your options in maintaining your skin health.
  3. Apply essence
    Essence is essential. This is a skin care with high concentrate of active chemical material. It could moist your skin and help other skincare to be absorb nicely. So remember to apply this one too!
  4. Moisturizer
    No good daily skin care routine ever skip this step. Moisturizers are very important for everyone with any dry skin type, oily skin type, or even sensitive skin type. The key is use skin care products that is suitable for your skin type.
  5. Sunscreen to wrap it up
    Every tutorial of good skin care routine absolutely definitely will insert sunscreen. UV rays are very bad and dangerous, so that’s why we need to protect our skin from the bad influence.

Doing a good skin care routine correctly will give you the best experience of a healthier skin. Don’t think about the hassle it may give, but imagine the results you will get! Stay motivated.


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