9 Easy Steps for a Pedicure at Home. Try it at Home Girls!!

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Not many people can do a pedicure at home. Being able to do body treatments at the salon is certainly a very fun activity for women. Especially for mothers who are already tired from taking care of children and the house, plus some are still working. Treatment at the salon is certainly a luxury.banner consideration shipping bg blue However, if it is not possible to come to the salon, you can do your own beauty treatments at home. One of them is a pedicure, which can also be done at home.

Pedicure at Home
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If you want to do a pedicure at home, let’s try these ways:How To Pedicure At Home

1. First, wash your feet thoroughly first

Before starting an independent pedicure ritual at home, start by washing your feet thoroughly with running water. If your nails are still stained with the old nail polish, clean them first with a cotton swab and nail polish remover. Make sure your nails and toes are completely clean before starting the pedicure.

2. Soak the feet with warm water

After the feet and nails are clean, soak the feet using warm water. You can mix salt and olive oil into the marinade. Let the feet soak for 15-20 minutes. This is useful so that the nails and skin of the feet become soft. So it can be easily cleaned.

3. Take care of your cuticles properly

One of the steps that are commonly done during a pedicure is to clean or cut the cuticle of the nail. The cuticle is the thin layer of skin at the base of the nail. So far, this part is almost always cut if someone is doing toenail care. However, cutting the cuticle can be very dangerous. Cutting the cuticle of the nail can cause infection. This is because the cuticle actually functions to prevent the nail from becoming infected with bacteria. When the cuticle is missing, it is feared that the nail can easily become infected with bacteria. The best way to care for cuticles is to diligently apply a moisturizing cream.

4. Cut nails neatly

One of the core pedicure treatments is cutting nails to make them look neat. Make sure you clip your nails straight and not too short because it can cause injury to your toes. Don’t forget to clean the toenail dirt that is usually in between the nails with a special tool.banner consideration promotion bg blue.

5. Scrub rough feet

After the nails are clean, the next step is to scrub the parts of the feet that feel rough. Usually the roughest part is the heel of the foot. It aims to remove dead cells, so the skin of the feet can feel smoother. To do this, you can use a pumice stone that usually already exists which is specifically sold for scrubbing. Or you can make your own natural ingredients for scrubbing. Namely you can do it with a mixture of olive oil and sugar.

6. Soak again with clean water

After you finish scrubbing and see a lot of dead cells peeling off, soak and rinse your feet again with clean water. After that, make sure to clean your feet thoroughly so that there are no remaining dead skin cells that are still attached. After cleaning, you can moisturize the skin of the feet that have been rubbed by wrapping the feet using a wet towel that is still warm.

7. Apply a base coat

After your feet are clean, it’s time for you to return to coloring your nails with your favorite colors. But before applying nail polish, you need to apply a base coat. A base coat is useful for making your nails easier to apply nail polish and making them last longer.

8. Apply your favorite color nail polish

It’s time to choose your favorite nail polish color to apply to your toenails. Try to start applying nail polish from the side, then apply it in the middle. This is so that the nail polish looks neat.

9. Finally, apply a top coat so that the nail polish color lasts

The final step is to apply a top coat after the nails are colored with nail polish. The application of a top coat is for the sake of colored nails to make them look shiny and last longer. But before applying the top coat, make sure the nail polish you previously applied is completely dry.banner decision halal preservative free noodle category bg lime green It’s not easy to follow step by step pedicure at home.

Let’s practice right away!and thas The How to Pedicure at Home

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