5 Easy Ways to Use Hair Clip for Short Hair

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Hair clips are one of the hair accessories that are usually worn by those who want long hair in an instant – aka no need to wait for months to get the desired hair length. These accessories are in the form of hair that is clipped using clips and the types of hair itself vary, ranging from natural human hair, synthetic, fiber, or semi-human like what we can find on wigs.

So, how do you install this hair clip correctly? Don’t worry, on this occasion we will discuss about how to use hair clips for short hair right. Very interesting to discuss isn’t it? So, what should we pay attention to when wearing it? Instead of getting curious, let’s look at this one explanation!

How to Use Hair Clip for Short Hair
How to Use Hair Clip for Short Hair | freepik.com

How to Use Hair Clip for Short Hair :

1. Tidy up your hair first

How to Use Hair Clip for Short Hair
How to Use Hair Clip for Short Hair | freepik.com

The first step you have to do to make sure your hair clip looks natural and blends naturally with your hair is to straighten your hair. You can comb it or clip it to make waves according to the type of hair clip you are using. In addition, you can also rely on using breaks for a few hours so that your hair waves look more natural. If you have, spray hairspray to make it last longer.

2. Divide Hair Into Two Parts

How to Use Hair Clip for Short Hair
How to Use Hair Clip for Short Hair | freepik.com

After that, draw a straight line parallel from the corner of the eye back to separate the top and bottom hair. That’s where you will attach the hair clip. Hair clips must be installed in the middle of the hair to make it look unified and natural with the original hair.

3. Comb the bottom of your hair

Young beautiful woman combing hair and looking on the ends of hair - isolated

The next part is quite important to make sure the hair clip you use are not painful during use. You just need to pick the top part of the bottom hair that will be where the clip is attached. Does not need to be neat, just enough to evenly all the parts.

4. Attach the Hair Clip from the Middle

So that the hair clip is attached properly, start by attaching the clip in the middle and then the edges. This is important to avoid the results of bloated hair and seem strange, unnatural.

5. Tidy By Hand

Finally, remove the pins on the top of the hair and trim the hair using your hands. Hairstyles until real hair and hair from hair clips blend together and look connected to each other.

Well that’s the following instruction on How to Use Hair Clip for Short Hair. Now you can do it by yourself. It’s simple and easy!


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