How Your Skincare Actually Works?

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How Your Skincare Actually Works?

Have you ever thought about where the skincare you have applied has gone? Do they get absorbed into your facial pores? Do they evaporate into the air after being on your face for a while? Actually, the skincare that we use every day does experience penetration before it actually works.

So, here we are going to give you the detailed information about how your skincare actually works after you put it on your face.

1. Absorb to Your Face

According to research, some of the skincare ingredients that touch your face will be absorbed by the pores and then channeled into the bloodstream and some will evaporate in thin air. Why is that? Because most of the ingredients in skincare contain water, which has a hydrating effect on your face.

2. Penetrate to Your Face

Your skincare is not only absorbed, but also undergoes a phase called penetration. In this phase, the active ingredients from the skincare you use will dive deeper into the first layer of your skin. So that the effect given will be much more maximal.

If that’s how your skincare works after you put it on your face. However, there are several factors that prevent your skincare from working properly. Usually, because everyone’s facial skin thickness is different, the thicker your facial skin, the harder it is for your skincare ingredients to be absorbed and penetrated.

In addition, if you are still unsure whether it is true that your skincare can get into the bloodstream? Yes, the answer is correct. Because there is a study that has proven, that some people who diligently use sunscreen, chemical molecules are found in their bodies. However, of course this phenomenon occurs after they use it for a long period of time such as years.

So, now you know how your skincare actually works, right?


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