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Benefits of joining the Missouri State University AITP Student Chapter:

Mentorship program – Our mentorship program is a way for new members to become more involved, members who are interested can fill out a survey and get matched with someone with similar interests and automatically have a good friend in AITP!

Textbook exchange- Our textbook exchange is self explanatory, older students in AITP could potentially have books from last year’s classes that other students can buy for a fraction of the cost!

Career fair mixer- The career fair mixer is an unbelievable networking opportunity to have dinner with fortune 500 company recruiters before they go to the actual COB career fair.

CompTIA Certificate discounts– Being a part of AITP gives you discounts on Comptia certificates which is important if you want extra credentials to prove you obtained valuable knowledge in college.

Job opportunities- Our meetings consists of companies speaking about the numerous career and internship opportunities they offer to IT students.

Resume book- When companies are looking for IT employees they contact the head of the MIS department and he hands them over a book full of all of our members resumes. This is an amazing benefit and incredible opportunity to be noticed and to receive job offers.

Tutoring- Our older members volunteer and help out with tutoring while the younger members can receive the tutoring for free.

Competitions- The school pays for us to travel and compete in national competitions, we also host and volunteer at competitions in Springfield.

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