Nail Biting Habits Dangerous To Health. see the explanation!!

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Nail Biting Habits Dangerous to Health. Many people ignore this. Most people consider nail biting a bad habit. However, recently psychiatrists categorize the habit of biting nails as a form of mental health disorder. The following explains whether nail biting is a mental disorder? let’s see the following explanation

The habit of biting nails is not dangerous, but it can harm a person’s health. In addition, nail biting can also cause skin infections, increasing the risk of colds and other infections caused by nail germs.

Nail biting habits
Nail biting habits |

Nail Biting Habits Dangerous to Health. look at the dangers:

Obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD is an anxiety disorder. Many people with OCD are plagued by habits, thoughts, and fears that are difficult to control.

Then, a person with this condition needs to perform certain rituals or routines as a means to keep the person or situation calm.

The habit of biting nails can also be called onycophagia which often causes damage to the nails. Symptoms are psychological and physical.

People who have a chronic habit of onycophagia usually also experience other symptoms such as:

– Feeling restless or tense before biting
– Feeling of relief or pleasure after biting
– Feelings of shame and guilt are often associated with the appearance of physical damage to the skin and nails caused by the bite
– Tissue damage to fingers, nails and cuticles
– Mouth injuries, dental problems, abscesses and infections

In some people, onychophagia or nail biting may have a genetic link. In addition, higher levels of mood and anxiety disorders also make them more likely to have this habit.

The habit of biting nails is also often associated with anxiety, because this habit is considered to reduce stress, tension, and boredom.

Nail biting that occurs without symptoms of other psychiatric conditions can be associated with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), oppositional disorder, separation anxiety, enuresis, and other mental health problems.

Nail biting habits
Nail biting habits |

Nail biting usually begins in childhood, is most common in adolescence and can continue into adulthood. and that’s the explanation of the article. Is nail biting a mental disorder? Thank you, hopefully useful


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