Natural Skin Care Routine: 15 Minutes Using Aloe Vera

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Can I use aloe vera as my natural skin care routine?

Weather changes can not only lower the body’s immune system which then causes health problems to arise, but also can badly affecting the condition of your skin.

Don’t believe it? Try to compare your skin conditions during the day and the night. Normally, during the day your face feels drier and that makes your face look dull.

Other problems that can occur are uneven facial skin color, black spots appear, and blemishes on the face become difficult to remove. Actually, it’s not only because of the weather, but also your bad habits can make things worse. Such as smoking, dehydration, heavy drinker, or also lack or fiber.

Well, to overcome this problem, you can use aloe vera to be included on your natural skin care routine. Yes, this treatment also seems to be loved by many people, not only by females, but males too. This is related to the anti-oxidant material of aloe vera which is very good for restoring facial skin moisture.

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To get this aloe vera gel, you can actually buy it at a drug or cosmetic store. But, if you are worried about the chemical ingredients that may be included in the gel, it never hurts to make it yourself. Don’t worry, it’s easy, doesn’t require complicated materials nor time!

How to use aloe vera as my natural skin care routine

  • The first thing you should do is wash the aloe vera.
  • After that, you may peel the aloe vera skin properly.
  • Make sure all the aloe vera flesh is removed. Store in a clean container.

How to apply aloe vera in my natural skin care routine

Natural Skin Care Routine: 15 Minutes Using Aloe Vera
Skincare Routine | Pexel/s Yaroslav Shuraev

The application method is easy. You just pick a little amount of the gel with your finger. Then apply to all parts of your facial skin. This gel can also be applied to your hair if you have dryness problems too. Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Do this treatment at least 3 times a week to keep your skin moisturized.

Not only applied as a gel, aloe vera can also be used as a serum. Not only as skin care and face brightening, aloe vera could also be used as treatment for wounds. You can add lemon juice for more effective result.


To include home-made aloe vera gel in your natural skin care routine can give you a lot of advantages from its anti-oxidant and natural moisturizer. You can try using this natural ingredients, as well with other ingredients that we’d recommend you to use. Stay healthy and have hydrated skin always!


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