7 Walking Benefits as Simple Cardio Workout for Legs After Eating

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Why Should do Workout for legs?

When you are full after eating, you may prefer to stay in your seat rather than move. However, it turns out that walking after eating is very beneficial to your body, you know! Walking, known as simple cardio workout that can help strengthen your leg muscles.

7 Walking Benefits as Simple Cardio Workout for Legs After Eating
Daily walk | from Pexels/Kampus Production

The habit of walking after eating seems trivial. In fact, it has a lot of benefits for your body. What are some examples?

  1. Prevent constipation
    Physical activity, even as light as walking, can push food up the digestive tract. This not only relieves a bloated stomach, but also helps processed foods to pass from the body so that you avoid constipation.
  2. Lowers the risk of heart disease
    Light exercise after eating is useful for improving blood flow and lowering bad cholesterol levels. This workout for legs can prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels which is the beginning of heart disease and stroke.
  3. Help you sleep well
    If you have trouble sleeping well, try walking for 10-15 minutes after dinner. This workout for legs can help you sleep soundly by improving digestion so that the body feels more comfortable to rest.
  4. Increase metabolic rate
    One way to increase your metabolic rate is to be active. You can do legs workout to be considered active, that includes a simple one like just walk for a few minutes after breakfast. This way, your body is encouraged to burn more energy.
  5. Burn calories and fat
    Talking about burning energy, the habit of light exercise after eating also helps burn calories and fat. Simply by walking for 15 minutes, you have helped prevent the accumulation of fat from calories in food.
  6. Help lose weight
    To lose weight, the number of calories your body burns must be greater than what you take in. If done regularly, this workout for legs can increase the calories burned so that it helps lose weight.
  7. Helps control blood pressure
    Walking for 10 minutes 3 times a day can lower blood pressure. Controlled blood pressure will protect you from the risk of various diseases, including stroke and heart attack.
Daily fitness | from Pexels/Volker Meyer

Cardio workout that works for our body, included legs doesn’t need to be the heavy sports. We can just spare our time to walk several minutes a day and that could become daily routine workout for legs. Hope this article helps you to wake up and take a walk after eating your meal. Stay healthy, People!


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