The Ordinary Retinol: 4 Easy Tips and Tricks to Use it

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Little tips in using The Ordinary Retinol for the best results.

The Ordinary retinol series are products launched by The Ordinary that contains retinols or material that can help us preventing bad occurrence from aging. But how do we know that this product will give us best results? Here some tips on how to apply The Ordinary Retinol to your skincare properly so it can give you optimal results.

The Ordinary Retinol: 4 Tips and Tricks to Use it
how to use retinol correctly |
  1. Right Timing
    Not only wrong type of retinol can damage your skin, wrong timing of using retinol can be one of the causes too.

    A tip: ONLY use retinol series on your night skincare routine. The material is not that stable, yet so strong. Chemical reactions to sun rays may give you bad effects when using this product.
  2. Sandwich Mode
    Hydrating toner or water can make retinols dry your skin. So make sure to use moisturizer first. Wait for them to absorb, then use retinol. After a longer time, reuse moisturizer. This will help you prevent getting a dry skin and irritation.
  3. Don’t use too much
    For every retinol usage, including The Ordinary Retinol series, you can’t use them too much or too often. Strong ingredients make it enough by putting small amount in your skin. Little concentration also recommended for people with sensitive skin. Once your skin has adapted to the ingredients, you can add more amount step by step.
  4. Stop retinol during pregnancies
    Several chemical materials often bad for pregnant women, especially for zygote. It is important have a discuss to your gynecologist about skin care you can and you can’t use during pregnancy.

Using the Ordinary retinol correctly and apply them to your skincare routine will provide optimal results for your skin. However, products that stimulate collagen production, such as retinol, can actually cause skin irritation.

Therefore, there are several things you should remember when applying this active ingredient so that the skin condition remains optimal.


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