The Most Worth Retinol Serum, 6 Reasons To Buy The Ordinary

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One of many vitamins needed for our face is vitamin A. Retinol serum contains vitamin A in it which is useful for disguise wrinkles and treat acnes. However, there is a lot of products that put retinol in it, but the quality need to ask frequently. So, here, we provide you the best retinol serum from The Ordinary, a skincare brand that based on Canada.

The Most Worth Retinol Serum, 6 Reasons To Buy The Ordinary
Retinol Illustration | Pexels/Ann Poan

Review The Ordinary, Best Retinol Serum from Canada

  1. Available in Several Concentration

The Ordinary divides their retinol serum into several levels, making it easier for you to determine and adjust the percentage of use according to your skin condition. The lowest concentration level is available at 0.2%, so if you are still a beginner, it is better if you try this lowest concentration level, so you can anticipate the appearance of a red rash or an irritation on your skin.

  1. Best Quality in Affordable Price

Although this product has many uses, the price is quite suitable for most of people’s pocket. This product is very effective by various age groups, from children, teenagers, to elders. One bottle of this serum is also not too little, so you definitely not loss when you decide to buy it. for storage is also fairly easy, because you only need to store it in the refrigerator. However, according to some buyers, the stock provided is a bit lacking, so this product is quite difficult to get.

  1. Quick Result for The First Use

Many people say that within a week of using this retinol serum, they have seen a change. At first they had acne on their faces, then after using this product for about a week, the pimples on their faces faded away. Even though they only slipped the use of this serum in their night skincare series.

The Most Worth Retinol Serum, 6 Reasons To Buy The Ordinary
Skincare Illustration | from Pexels/Antoni Shkraba

Those reasons above will prevent you from repurchase this retinol serum, because just as you can see from the user’s review, retinol gives us a lot benefits for our skin and The Ordinary have already provide it for us.


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