TOP 3 Female Founders That May Inspire You

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TOP 3 Female Founders That May Inspire You

In the midst of male dominance in the business world, often the ideas they develop lack of innovation, so that the involvement of women is finally starting to be taken seriously. Although it is often underestimated, the strength of women in building a business should be appreciated, because they always prioritize the latest innovations with a more open mind. In addition, women also use feelings more often to find the essence of beauty.

So, here we list 3 female founders that may inspire you.

  1. Jaimee Kort

Jaimee is the owner of Edge Entertainment in Los Angeles, which makes her a successful woman in the entertainment industry. Behind her big name, Jaimee has a myriad of talents that cannot be underestimated, one of which is being the voice of animation at Disney, which later made her more famous so that now she is often invited to be a speaker at global conferences.

  1. Cindy Maram

Dig IN Magazine is the invention of Cindy Maram who is engaged in the entertainment industry. She became an innovator in 2008 and currently she is expanding her wings to be known by the public again. Cindy is also the CEO of the global creative and production agency, an agency that she built herself to support those who want to work in the entertainment world. Not only that, for all her success, Cindy has also often won awards from various Film Festivals.

  1. Crystal Bonnet

Crystal Bonnet’s unique idea to build an online plant-based culinary school certainly won a lot of praise. The Dawn Culinary Crystal was something Crystal didn’t think could be hers. This school was founded on her teaching experience and passion for cooking. Crystal said that she really wanted to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle with the food she cooks. Her innovations that use plant-based ingredients as cooking ingredients provide great benefits to the community.

Have you been inspired by the innovations made by the three female founders above? They certainly had experienced difficulties before reaping the success it is today. In essence, it is never too late for you to realize your ideas into reality.


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