Great Types of Hair Straighteners for Long Lasting Results

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Types of Hair Straighteners for Long Lasting, In addition to hair straightening tips, you also have to pay attention to whether the hair straightener you are using is suitable for your hair type or not! Here are the types types of hair straightenes for long lasting results,that you can choose from.

Types of Hair Straighteners for Long Lasting
Types of Hair Straighteners for Long Lasting |

Types of Hair Straighteners for Long Lasting Results.

1. Bench Made from Tourmaline

Unlike other straighteners, tourmaline has a small crystal base material that is mashed to coat the ceramic plate on the straightener. This material makes tourmaline produce negative ions and does not make hair stiff due to static electricity.

This straightener is suitable for long-lasting straight hair results, especially for thick hair types.

2. Titanium material

Attachments with titanium have the ability to transfer heat faster than ceramic plates. The price is relatively more expensive than ceramic and tourmaline plates.

This straightener is suitable for thick, coarse, thick, or curly hair. Titanium material is more durable and sturdy, so it is not easily damaged and also lasts longer. However, we do not recommend that you use this straightener if your hair is fine and brittle. Its nature which conducts heat more quickly makes titanium straighteners have the potential to damage hair.

3. Flat Iron Ceramic Plate

Still a beginner in straightening hair? This is the right straightener for you! Ceramic plates conduct heat more slowly than the two flat irons you’ve mentioned.Ceramic plates have a large temperature range, ranging from 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, to 210 degrees Celsius. The price is much cheaper!

A longer temperature rise makes this straightener safe for all hair types, thick, curly, fine, to thin (baby hair). Unfortunately, this straightener is not able to make your hair shape durable.

4. Ionic

The name ionic means that this straightener conducts negative ions and neutralizes positive ions. Positive ions appear when hair is exposed to moisture and can make hair frizzy, bouncy and brittle.

Well, this negative ion straightener can minimize positive ions in the hair. As a result, hair looks softer, healthier and shiny. Ionic hair straighteners are better suited for dry, coarse or even very curly hair types. The price is quite expensive, but does not damage the hair. The result? Longer lasting softer hair!

So those are some Types of Hair Straighteners for Long Lasting, you can try them to get maximum results.


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