Under Eye Treatment Tips: Internet Says Use 1 Cold Spoon!

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Do you feel like doing under eye treatment to get rid of an unpleasant dark circle? Ways to get rid of eye bags that people often know as raccoon eyes is much sought after. This often happens inevitable from aging process. The existence of eye bags due to a lack of collagen for the area around the eyes which makes the eyes droopier.

Some people will feel uncomfortable with the presence of eye bags as well as dark circles. Especially if this coincides with mild eye swelling, it will certainly be a nuisance.

To overcome this, there is one beauty tips people often recommend, that is using cold spoon in your under eye treatment routine to reduce puffiness.

Under Eye Treatment Tips: Internet Says Use 1 Cold Spoon!
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Under Eye Treatment: Using Cold Spoon to Reduce Puffiness

Although it sounds strange, in fact using a cold spoon to remove eye bags is quite effective. To get rid of these eye bags, you must use a metal spoon.

Many believe that the cold nature of the metal spoon can help the skin relaxing, especially the skin under the eyes.

The method is also quite simple, first you have to put a metal spoon in the refrigerator to cool it, or if you don’t have a refrigerator, you can put it in cold water for about 15 minutes. Once the metal spoon is cool enough, all you have to do is rub the back of the spoon into the under-eye area and gently press outwards.

You can apply this method of removing eye bags together between the left eye and right eye. Don’t forget to do a light massage for about 15 minutes. If you want maximum results, do this routine before going to bed.

A virtue of a beauty tips, one of them is using utensils around you so it will be super easy to do. Spoons are common eating utensils around you, so this makes this method is something you can do anywhere and anytime.

Under Eye Treatment Tips: Internet Says Use 1 Cold Spoon!
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In addition, it turns out that this method is not only useful for removing eye bags, but is also able to reduce excess fluid that is usually present in skin tissue.

Not only that, it can also improve blood circulation and increase skin elasticity and smoothness. One more thing that is important this way can reduce wrinkles or fine lines that start to appear.

How does it sound? Are you interested in this under eye treatment where you just need a cold spoon as a solution for your raccoon eyes? Happy trying!


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